My name is Danielle K. Lambert, and I want to personally welcome you to Snout School!

Who am I?

I’m a social media coach, consultant and speaker for the veterinary industry. In addition to my work at Snout School, I am the marketing director for DrAndyRoark.com.

I grew up in the veterinary world. I currently manage my family’s veterinary practice, Quinebaug Valley Veterinary Hospital in Danielson, CT. Through that work, I fell in love with the marketing side of business management.

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Who do I work with?

In addition to my practice, I’ve leant my social media know-how to veterinary industry groups such as:

  • Dr. Andy Roark
  • The Companion Animal Parasite Council
  • VetBilling.com
  • VitusVet


I work with veterinary practices 1-on-1, too. Interested? Contact me here.

What is Snout School?

Snout School is full of blog articles, online courses & 1-on-1 coaching developed to teach veterinary hospitals how to leverage social media.

Veterinary professionals are constantly being told they need to use social media – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, blogging, etc. Have you seen the Bayer Usage Study? It found that 52% of veterinary practices were seeing a decline in visits, but those with an INCREASE in visits had a social media presence and marketing plan.

As a veterinary practice manager at Quinebaug Valley Veterinary Hospital, I have gone to many conferences. I’ve heard various social media consultants or business consultants speak about the need for animal hospitals to begin utilizing Facebook. They’ll cite the Bayer Usage Study and that fact about social media. They tell you a little about why you should start using Facebook Pinterest, or Twitter, but they don’t tend to really tell how to begin blogging, pinning or writing tweets.

That’s the opposite of what Snout School is about! I am totally passionate about the importance of veterinary hospitals learning how to utilize social media to benefit their business.

I initially started Snout Veterinary Consulting to help practices with social media individually, but I realized that consulting still wasn’t solving veterinary practice’s problems. At the end of the day, a consultant can help you do a LOT for your social media, but they can’t truly manage it day-to-day. I have tried to fully manage other animal clinic’s social media, and I feel that it is a disservice to them.

Outsourcing social media management might work for some companies, but a veterinary hospital is like a part of their client’s family. Your business is saving pets, not selling sneakers. You can’t fully outsource your social media because no one else is going to know your clients, your cases, nor your staff the way a practice insider does. For me, social media is about increasing communication with clients to educate them and connect with them. That sort of genuine interaction isn’t something you can outsource, so someone in your practice needs to take charge and learn to do it!

So I’ve created Snout School to walk other veterinary professionals through the steps that I have taken with my practice’s internet presence. I’m not a marketing expert or anything, so not everything I’ve done has worked perfectly. I just know that almost 60% of my practice’s active clients like us on Facebook, and pet parents have learned a lot from the info we’ve posted. I’m here as your guinea pig to tell you what has worked, what doesn’t work, and how to do it

Ready to get started? Check out my FREE guide to the 5 MUST-HAVE social media tools for your veterinary hospital. Just click the image!

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