By Cheyanne Flerx & Janel Hutton

If you struggle to think of content to create after the holidays, you aren’t alone! January is often focused on starting new habits and breaking old ones. It also provides us with a great opportunity to reflect on the last year and see what worked well and what didn’t. Are you ready to make this year the best year yet? Alright! Let’s get to work!

Title Ideas for the Vet Clinic Blog:


  • Try hosting a Facebook or Instagram Live and answer your clients’ questions about healthy weight management in pets.
  • Do you have a tour of your hospital on video? If not, this is a great time to make one, share it on social, and add it to your website!

Facebook Post Ideas:

  • Post Idea #1: Introduce your team with quick, fun facts about each team member or each department if your team is large. Make it engaging and play 2 truths and a lie with one team member or department in a post. Share 2 facts and 1 lie about the staff member or service department being featured and ask your audience to guess which statement is the lie.
  • Post Idea #2: Celebrate a healthy start to the New Year. In your post share a patient’s story by saying, “Meet so and so..” or even just a “Say Hi to…” and celebrate the fact that your patient is starting the year right with a good wellness plan in place.
  • Post Idea #3: Ask your followers, “If your pet had a New Year’s Resolution, what would it be? And would they keep it?” Use a fun graphic or a cute and interesting pic of a patient. In your caption you could say, “Fluffy’s New Years resolution is to stop chasing her tail!, what would your pet’s resolution be?” To make the post even more engaging, offer a prize!
  • Post Idea #4: Show off a patient’s weight loss before and after picture! Educate the importance of weight loss in pets, even promote your veterinarian recommended weight loss diet that you carry that can help pets lose weight. This could also turn into a video post. Or start a trend and create a series of posts!

    If you have a patient that needs to lose a few pounds, talk with the client to ask if they’d you can track their pet’s weight loss journey with before and after shots of their pet. More than likely, they will love to participate! Even if your patient has lost only 2-5 pounds, that can make a big difference! Share how much happier and more energetic the pet is. Your followers will love to keep up on the pet during the next few months to see their progress!

  • Post Idea #5: Ask your audience a fun engaging question like, “Spell your pet’s name using only emojis.”

Instagram Post Ideas

  • Post idea #1: Welcome to ABC Vet Hospital. Highlight the new Christmas puppies and kittens that come in with a special welcome on Instagram!
  • Post idea #2: Host an Instagram takeover. Get one of your co-workers to take over Instagram for a day and show off how their day goes at your clinic!
  • Post idea #3: Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day on January 14th! This is a great opportunity for you to ask your clients to tag your practice in pictures of their pet dressed up in sweaters, costumes, etc. You can easily adapt this post to fit for Facebook by asking your audience to share pictures of their pets in the comments.

Instagram or Facebook Stories Ideas:

  • Story Idea #1: In honor of National Technology Day (which is on January 6th) take a moment to show your followers how to download your practice’s app and the cool features it has. Show them how to book an appointment through your app, request refills, etc.
  • Story Idea #2: Share tips on how to keep pets safe during the winter. Include tips about outdoor safety, staying hydrated, or even parasite prevention.

Cheyanne’s Bonus Biscuit of the Month

Take a moment to send your clients a survey asking them about their experience with you and your content on social media. In your survey ask them questions like:

  • What do they enjoy about the content you post on social media and what they don’t enjoy?
  • What would they like to see more or less of?
  • What social media platforms would like to see your clinic on?

This is a great opportunity for you to tailor your digital marketing and invest in what your clients will actually interact and engage with you and your business – thus resulting in more business converting to your practice. Find more information on where you should spend your time on social media here.

Janel’s Bonus Biscuit of the Month

It’s a new year with new possibilities! This is a great time to get a pulse on how your 2019 went. Take note what went well, what needs work, and what didn’t work out for you on your social media pages.

Here are a few tips to help you out!

  1. Go over your insights. Take some time to open up your analytics for Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages you have. It might feel overwhelming at first, but once you start going through them, it’ll start to come together and give you an idea of how your year went.

    Play around with changing the timeline of your insights to show a glimpse of each month instead of the whole year, or even per week if you want! Find your posts, ads, and events that worked out for you. Find your favorite posts and go over what went well or needs work.

  2. Talk with your team. Your staff also follows your social pages, ask them what their favorite posts and moments were. You might be surprised!
  3. What went well? When you have an idea of what posts and events that went well, take note and use them again! Evergreen material that works well will most likely work well again.
  4. What can you improve? It always happens, we work on a social post that is our favorite, and we put some extra time into it and it doesn’t do as well as we hoped. What went wrong?! It might feel like a dagger to the heart, but take it as an opportunity to improve. Look at the insights of that particular post, what time of day, time of the month, how it looked, or the wording in your caption and try to find ways you can improve on this kind of post.
  5. What bombed? It happens to us all, a post idea just bombs big time. Don’t take it to heart, just learn from the process and move on. Finding what didn’t work helps you make sure you don’t repeat your mistakes.
  6. Write down your goals! After taking a pulse on how your 2019 went, make a goal! This could be getting 1000 new followers, it can be increasing how many posts you do a month, boosting ads, # of posts of a certain subject, education, etc.

    Write down these goals and revisit them every month. This will help you reach your goals and see success on your social media pages. Then share your goal in Veterinary Social Media: The Snout School Community and we will help you stay accountable and celebrate your victories together! Go ahead and tag Janel or Cheyanne, we would love to cheer you on!

Taking these notes of how your year went will help you visualize your goals and make them a reality. Make 2020 your year of clarity and reach your goals! We have faith in you and always remember, HAVE FUN!

About The Authors

Cheyanne Flerx

Cheyanne Flerx

Cheyanne Flerx is a veterinary assistant turned marketing maven. Cheyanne is the founder of HashWag and serves as a social media marketing consultant to veterinary professionals. She has a passion for empowering other VetMed professionals, who share a passion for marketing.

Janel Hutton

Janel Hutton

Janel Hutton works at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming in Gillette, WY as a Digital Media Manager. She has a passion for pets and photography, so naturally, that took her from a veterinary assistant to a social media maven. Janel believes the connection between pet owners and veterinary clinics is valuable and is a powerful tool in marketing your veterinary clinic. She also loves to geek out on new trends in social media and VetMed.

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