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Our programs are designed to have actual touch points with Danielle and other veterinary entrepreneurs so you stop overthinking and start getting results!

Get the deets on our current programs:

Snout School: Members Only

For you if you’re sick of taking random courses without any human feedback!

This isn’t another auto-pay thing for you to buy and forget. This is a membership for action takers who don’t want business “CE” that’s just regurgitated BS from a book. Come learn the basics of brand building, marketing, and sales based on PROVEN strategies. (And get some feedback from Danielle and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs along the way!) Investment starts at $147/mo.

Veterinary Marketing & Branding Lab

For you if you’re done marketing generic National Squirrel Day BS & want to build a brand that could compete with that of a PE-backed clinic!

Stop the generic marketing – whether it’s sharing ~social media holidays~ for your clinic or posting “How to be a better mentor” to market your consulting business. Find out what makes you unique and how to differentiate yourself in the market. From there, define your ideal client and discover how to create UNIQUE posts to strategically attract them and convert business. With 8 weeks of direct feedback from Danielle, this is as close as you’ll get to having her build your brand and content strategy for you! Next round starts April 2024, but spots are open now! Investment starts at $1997, subject to sign-up date. Payment plans available.

Content Lab

For you if you’re overthinking your content and would love expert feedback & accountability to get it done!

Stop mulling over your content forever and GET IT DONE! This isn’t a course with a set curriculum that just tells you what to post. Instead, we’ll meet for 4 weeks on Zoom, and Danielle will give you personalized feedback on your content to help you level it up!  Next round starts May 2024, but spots are open now! Investment starts at $697, subject to sign-up date. Payment plans available.

Consultant Cashflow

For you if you’re consulting, coaching, or selling CE and you’re over not knowing where your next paycheck is coming from!

This mini mastermind is here to help you create a more steady flow of revenue! Danielle will get to know your business and goals, then guide you through the process of diversifying your revenue streams so you can freaking sleep at night knowing you’ll be getting paid tomorrow! With weekly meetings and 2 days a week in a private group chat, you’ll be getting TONS of expert feedback and support from other veterinary professionals doing similar work to you! Next round starts July 2024, but spots are open now! Investment starts at $5k, with payments as low as $625 depending on sign-up date.

Vet Brand CEO Mastermind

For you if you’re ready to go all in on creating a brand that private equity bros wish they had the creativity and authenticity to build!

This 12 month mastermind is Danielle’s answer to the Modern Animal CEO asking her, “But how will people maintain the brands you help them create?” Danielle will be in your back pocket along the way, with 4 days of private group chat and weekly group mastermind calls. She’ll be there to unpack the big vision of your brand, plus hash out the little details. As a bonus, you can connect with other entrepreneurs who are building authentic, unique brands for their independently owned practices. Limited spaces currently open. Investment starts at $24k with payment plans available.

Our courses and coaching guide the most innovative personal & clinic brands in vet med:

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Here’s what past clients have to say about our programs, coaching, and The Snout Group’s VIP agency services:

“(Veterinary Branding & Marketing Lab) taught me how to target my ideal audience, build a following, and authentically, efficiently, and effectively represent my brand and business.”

Lisa Fiorenza

“I would highly recommend (Veterinary Branding & Marketing Lab) for any veterinary professional looking to grow their social media. As an associate veterinarian, I felt it was important for me to learn how to grow my Instagram now so that it can set me up for a future presence as a practice owner. Veterinary Branding Lab™ has done just this, as well as giving me the courage to connect with so many awesome other veterinary professionals!”

Dr. Sydney Pockard

“(The) overall brand strategy Danielle and her team created for my company is STUNNING. The product perfectly represents my values and my company’s values, and it primes us for a meaningful impact in my community. I consider the Veterinary Brand Formula a priceless investment for any new veterinary company or any veterinary company needing a brand makeover!”

Christie Cornelius, DVM CHPV
Fair Winds Pet Hospice

“We had the pleasure of working with The Snout Group and Danielle Lambert on the branding and marketing for our startup clinic. Danielle has an amazing ability to tap into the culture of the brand and translate that into a visual content and marketing strategy. The Snout Group is amazing at what they do, and anyone looking for a progressive approach to branding and marketing should look no further.”

Drs. Adria Flowers & Cherese Sullivan
Skyline Animal Hospital

Meet your branding & marketing strategist, Danielle!

Hey there! In 2013, I was hating life and working over 40 hours a week just to make ends meet. Most of my family works in vet med, and I still had some love for the industry. So I thought outside the box, started teaching what I loved, and Snout School was born. Now I’ve spent nearly a decade working my dream job, thanks to building a brand. I want to help you create a brand that helps you reach your dreams – whether you want to create a unique startup clinic, sell an online course, or network and mentor your butt off online! Find me on Instagram, @Danielle.K.Lambert

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