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Industry-leading marketing and branding resources to help you thrive at work, online, and IRL.

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They say you’ll burn out, clients will torture you, and you can’t do anything about it. We believe in a different school of thought: Good marketing and branding can make vet med a dream career full of ideal opportunities and the right clients for you!

Don’t build your brand alone!

Typical online CE just throws content and a quiz at you. Not us! Our industry-leading Veterinary Branding Lab program focuses on getting you real results by providing:

  • Interactive step-by-step content so you build your brand along the way
  • Private communities full of students you can connect with for accountability
  • The chance to work 1-on-1 with a coach to ensure you reach your brand goals

All are welcome at Snout School

We coined the phrase “There’s no space in veterinary medicine for racism” in 2020, and we still stand behind it. 2% of our program sales go to support organizations progressing and supporting diversity in vet med.

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Made by women+ in vet med

So many women+ in vet med have expertise to share. We give them a place to pass it on to you in the Snout Shop, our cooperative online store, featuring everything from cute merch to helpful e-books.

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