Blogging about Pet Dental Health Month is a fantastic way to market your veterinary hospital… while educating pet owners at the same time!ideas to promote pet dental health month online

I’ve put together 10 easy blog titles your vet clinic could use as inspiration to write this month.

A lot of animal clinic’s think that blogging is scary or that only a veterinarian can blog. Not the case! With your practice owner’s approval, I think it is appropriate for veterinary technicians, receptionists & the whole team to get in on blogging.

A few quick blog pointers:

Blogging is a little bit of an art form, but some basic tips should have you on your way!

  • Keep it brief, about 400-500 words
  • Make it “scannable”, meaning you should break up text with lists and graphics
  • Write for a client, NOT a veterinary journal
  • Post your blog on your hospital’s website, not a 3rd party option
  • Share your blogs in ENGAGING ways on social media


I really urge you to NOT over-think blogging and get intimidated. With practice, it truly becomes very simple.

10 Blog Titles for Pet Dental Health Month

I hope these blog titles inspire you to write on the topics they relate to, but maybe they’ll get you brainstorming about other topics your veterinary hospital could cover. If you think of a good one, leave it in the comments below!

1) Why does my dog’s breath smell?

Common questions from your veterinary clients make GREAT blog posts.

2) (PATIENT’S NAME) Gets His/Her Teeth Cleaned at (HOSPITAL NAME)

This blog would be a great chance to highlight the whole day of a pet getting a dental cleaning at your practice, from check-in to check-out. Covering the steps of a professional dental cleaning will help pet owners better understand the value of this service.

3) The Dangers of Dog Breath

Because alliteration makes things simple and fun!

4) Is Bacteria Building Up in Your Pet’s Mouth?

And now you’re wondering, “Wait… is it?”

5) 3 Easy Ways to Keep Pet’s Teeth Healthy

Lists are one of the most common types of blogs for a reason. Wait – this blog is a list. Uh oh, you guys are onto me. Oh well! Veterinarians can make use of lists, too.

6) Why Your Dog/Cat/Etc Needs a Dental Cleaning

This could be used to send to clients year-round after a dental cleaning is recommended in the exam room.veterinary pet dental health ideas social media

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7) Pet Dental Cleanings: What Really Happens

Again, conveying value by showing the steps of your pet dental cleanings is critical. Not only that, but showing what happens “in the back” of your veterinary hospital can help put nervous pet owners at ease.

8) Anesthesia: Why Do Pets Need it Just to Have Their Teeth Cleaned!?

A common question like this allows you to explain a lot more than you often are able to in the exam room.

9) Meet (TECHNICIAN NAME): Our Teeth-Cleaning Expert

This would be an AWESOME way to highlight your dental health superstar(s).

10) 5 Things the (HOSPITAL NAME) Team Just Learned about Pet Dental Health

If you’re doing any sort of lunch and learns or CE about Pet Dental Health Month, show that off! Clients appreciate knowing you’re always learning.

Don’t forget to share your veterinary hospital’s blog on social!

Writing a blog for your veterinary hospital about pet dental health month  is just the first step. Promotion is critical to your veterinary blogs’ success, and social media can help you do that in so many ways.

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Each social media platform is a little different, so be sure to make slightly unique content for wherever you post your pet dental health month blog.