By Cheyanne Flerx & Janel Hutton

Don’t get your tinsel in a tassel, the end of the year can bring some social media burnout, but we are here to help with ideas for your social media pages to end with a bang!


Title Ideas for the Vet Clinic Blog:

  • Don’t Be a Grinch! Safe And Fun Ways to Celebrate The Holidays With Your Pet!
  • 7 Holiday Pet Hazards You Can’t Ignore
  • I Got a New Pet From Santa, Now What?
  • Cold Weather Pet Safety Every Pet Owner Must Know
  • Vet Approved Stocking Stuffers For Your Pet

Video Ideas:

  • Idea #1: Slideshow of 2019 (check out Janel’s Bonus Biscuit)
  • Idea #2: Make a video of what your staff (or better yet, your Veterinarians) asked from Santa for Christmas!
  • Idea #3: Go live with your staff and talk about cold weather safety and share the link to your blog post on the topic.


Facebook Ideas:

  • Post idea #1 Ask your followers to show off their pet’s ugly Christmas sweater in the comments and show a picture of a pet modeling an ugly sweater.
  • Post idea #2 Have photos with Santa in your clinic! Have one of your veterinarians dress up as Santa or have Santa HIMSELF come by to take pictures with pets! Share the photos in an album or post the pictures throughout the month. Create an event on Facebook and promote it in advance to pique the client’s interest.
  • Post idea #3 On Christmas Eve, if you have pets staying overnight, either in boarding or in the hospital, make sure Santa stops by your clinic to fill their stockings or give them presents. If you have a security camera system, show pictures of Santa sneaking around the clinic, or just share pictures of filled stockings hanging by the kennels or presents under your tree on Christmas Day. The owners will love it and the pets will love the extra treats!
  • Post idea #4 Donation Drive! Team up with one of your reps and donate to your local animal shelter, humane society, or needy pets fund. Ask for engagement! For every share of the donation drive post, you’ll donate MORE! Get more followers and likes and donate to needy pets in the community.
  • Post idea #5 Holiday Photo Contest! Use the guidelines listed here for a successful and engaging photo contest.
  • Post idea #6 Ask your followers if their pet had a New Year’s Resolution, what would it be? If you have a blog about new year’s resolutions direct people to read it for ideas.

Instagram Feed Post Ideas:

  • Post idea #1: Does your staff wear holiday-themed scrubs? Take a picture of the staff in their holiday apparel. In the caption invite your followers to visit the staff’s bio on your website.
  • Post idea #2: If you have gotten fancy with the vet wrap and created a festive bandage for a patient, show it off and share how brave the patient was during the process.
  • Post idea #3: 12 days of Christmas! Share 12 posts about either fun stuff with holiday themes with pets or 12 days of holiday hazards! Pick 12 consecutive days in December (we know there are a specified 12 days, but for simplicity sake, you can do Dec 1-12 or whatever), each day post a tip, For example: 12 Days of Pet Christmas Tips, Tip #1: Paper, bows & ribbons can cause intestinal blockages if your pet eats them!)
  • Post idea #4: If you have a snow day, ask your clients to share photos with you in your Instagram Story. As photos begin to come in, reshare them to your story and tag the clients who share.
  • Post idea #5: If your team as a Christmas party show a glimpse on Instagram and share about your awesome team culture.

Cheyanne’s Bonus Biscuit of the Month

Have some fun and bring the Elf on the Shelf tradition to the clinic! Show the elf in different spots of the practice around the hospital. Use the photo ops with the elf as a time to show off certain practice features or services you offer, but have fun with it. The more fun you include in the picture, the more your followers will engage with your content. You can share these pictures on Facebook or Instagram. Here are just a few ideas from members of our Facebook group:

Janel’s Bonus Biscuit of the Month

It’s the end of the year and you did some freaking amazing posts this year, maybe some because of this blog! *high five* So let’s show off all that you did this year! Make a video slideshow of some of the best posts/photos/videos your clinic has produced in 2019. Time to show off! It’ll be fun to revisit all the fun social media posts you did this past year. Remember, don’t make the video/slideshow too long as followers will lose interest, so keep it under or around 3 minutes or less.

Another benefit of creating a recap slideshow is you get to see all the amazing posts YOU did this year. You have rocked it and you know it! We have seen everyone’s clinic’s FB and IG pages grow and the content that you guys are producing is AMAZING! So celebrate your amazing year and get excited for the next! Content creation is always changing and always growing so you will always get better. So here’s to YOU – great job in 2019! We can’t wait to see what you do in 2020!

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About The Authors

Cheyanne Flerx

Cheyanne Flerx

Cheyanne Flerx is the owner and founder of Hey Cheyanne, LLC and a former Veterinary Assistant now turned Veterinary Social Media Marketing Coach. Cheyanne is on a mission to use her experience and knowledge to uplift and empower fellow Veterinary Social Media Marketers and train them to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Follow her for more social media post ideas, marketing trainings, and guidance on her website.

Janel Hutton

Janel Hutton

Janel Hutton works at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming in Gillette, WY as a Digital Media Manager. She has a passion for pets and photography, so naturally, that took her from a veterinary assistant to a social media maven. Janel believes the connection between pet owners and veterinary clinics is valuable and is a powerful tool in marketing your veterinary clinic. She also loves to geek out on new trends in social media and VetMed.

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