In Episode #2 of the #AskSnout series, I discuss a variety of veterinary social media topics.

The video below will cover:

  • Turning Facebook efforts into business for your veterinary hospital
  • Promoting heartworm rebates using Facebook ads
  • The ROI of veterinary social media
  • How to think of new Facebook posts or blog topics for your veterinary hospital
  • Is automating your veterinary social media ok?
  • Blog: Is Social Media Worth It to Your Veterinary Hospital? Discusses the ROI of veterinary social media, and why good social media is good customer service.
  • Rethink Loyalty Cards – Get $500 off your set-up fee when you mention you were referred by Snout School!
  • Dr. Cody Creelman: Great example of how to use social media as a cow vet that deals with livestock vs. pets. Find him on Twitter and Vine, or visit his website here.


Veterinary social media post examples:

In the video, I mentioned a few types of posts that I’ve used on my veterinary hospital’s social media.

Here are some examples of those posts:

1) My veterinary hospital’s blog breaking down the heartworm & flea/tick product rebates, with pricing charts.

2) I always include a “make an appointment” link in my Facebook post captions. Easy way to help get pet owners to book online!

veterinary facebook post to get owners to book appointment

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