National Veterinary Technician Week happens each October, and it’s a great time for your veterinary hospital to show off staff on social media. Your vet clinic could use Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram photos & more to celebrate. I encourage you to get creative, but here are two easy veterinary Facebook & Instagram posts to try.

1) The “Give Us Some Lovin!” Post

Veterinary Facebook posts have to be engaging – meaning they generate likes, comments and shares. This easy-to-execute post gets comments, reviews & a little lovin’ for your veterinary technicians. I used – it’s free! – to create this image. Read on for the full details…

vet tech week social media post facebook 1

This post “works” because it:

  • Asks for engagement (comments), which helps you reach more people in the Facebook feed.
  • Acts as a “mini review” of your veterinary practice.
  • Makes your vet techs feel special and appreciated for their hard work.


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Make this post a success by:

  • Including an image. (Make a graphic like the one above using some of my fav social media tools).
  • Putting the “instructions” on the image. Doing this makes it VERY obvious that you want that engagement.
  • Sharing when clients have time to comment. I suggest late afternoon, but check your Facebook Insights.
  • Linking to your “Make An Appointment” page in the caption because… why  not book some appointments while you’re at it!?


2) Transforming Technicians

When it comes to your veterinary hospital’s Instagram account, it’s important that you create “native content.” By “native content”, I mean posts that seem normal in the flow of the Instagram feed.

Instagram users love to share old photos on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays. On Tuesday & Thursday, they use the hashtag #TBT. On Fridays, it’s #FBF. Your veterinary hospital can take advantage of that with this fun “transformation” post.

All you need to make this Vet Tech Week post work is current & past pictures of your veterinary technicians. The instructions and pointers below apply to posting this on your veterinary hospital’s Instagram. However, you could tweak it a little for Facebook! I used 2 different apps on my iPhone – both free! – to create this image, so get the details below.

vet tech week post instagram

This post “works” because it:

  • Asks for engagement (“double taps”/likes)
  • Fits into the normal Instagram behavior of “Transformation Tuesday, Flashback Friday, or Throwback Thursday” when people share old pictures
  • Helps your clients get to know you better
  • Drives website traffic


Make this post a success by:

  • Asking for engagement (“double taps”).
  • Using a photo collage app, like PicStitch, to create an easy collage
  • Using Phonto, a free app for Apple or Android, to add text
  • Sharing on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday with the hashtags: #TransformationTuesday, #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT, #FlashbackFriday or #FBF
  • Tagging the location of your hospital
  • Changing the link on your Instagram profile to your veterinary hospital website’s staff page
  • Telling people to click the link in your bio


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