During the holidays, we update our Facebook cover photos and share Elf on The Shelf pics on Instagram…

… But what have you done to make your vet clinic’s website holiday-ready?
Social media allows us to bond with clients and communicate throughout the year, but our website is where, well, ~*the magic happens*~. Hopefully, your clients can book appointments, refill prescriptions and… well… DO BUSINESS WITH YOU on your site.

What reason are you giving your clients to get off Facebook and go over to your website?

Here are 2 easy ideas to spice up your site before the New Year:


1) Update your site to have a holiday look… and tell your clients about it!


The website for my family’s hospital (QVVH.com) has had a cute video background of a wet Golden Retriever shaking off by a lake for a while. Adorable, but 👏 not 👏 a 👏 holiday 👏 look.

I reached out to my friends at WhiskerCloud veterinary websites, and they changed our background video. Check out this epic transformation:

Now their website looks totally fresh, current, and timely for the holidays.
If you want to update to a holiday look, I encourage you to use videos or images that:

  • Speak to your ideal client. Golden Retrievers are one of the top 3 breeds my dad’s practice sees.
  • Speak to your location. My family’s practice is in rural Connecticut, so the snowy image is perfect for a New England winter look.
  • Speak to who you are as a practice. As a family, we’ve had multiple Golden Retrievers. If you go into an appointment with my dad, he’ll tell you about them.

Whether it’s a stock video or images from your own practice, just include something that says something about your veterinary hospital. After all, you’re unique year-round!

2) Create and share a seasonal blog

At Animal Medical Center of Wyoming, they wanted to educate their clients on the holiday hazards their pets may encounter this season, so they wrote a blog about it! In their blog, AMC highlighted its emergency services to boost their clients’ awareness of their 24/7 services. The best part? The WhiskerCloud team helped her format their blog and added a place for pet owners to contact them for immediate communication or book an appointment for other services. BOOM!

If you want to read the blog, you can check it out here.

From more ideas for holiday changes, check out WhiskerCloud’s blog!

Is your website customized for the holidays?

The changes each of us made to our websites were possible because we have WhiskerCloud custom veterinary websites.

The WhiskerCloud team works SO HARD to ensure you have a website that is tailored to your needs, no matter the time of year.

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Be sure to let them know I sent you so you get all of the goodies you can!

*YES – I do receive compensation if you join WhiskerCloud through my link. Relationships like these help support the free content on Snout School, the free webinars we put out, and our epic Facebook group. I’m picky about who I recommend to you guys. I literally trusted WhiskerCloud with my family’s practice website, so you know they rock. 🙂