In honor of National Veterinary Technician Week, Snout School is proud to feature some inspiring women technicians who are revolutionizing the Vet Tech space and bringing the importance of this profession to light.

Introducing Lory Ventura, owner and operator of PAL Pet Assistance by Lory!

Lory has been a veterinary technician for about ten years, and has been a business owner for three of those years. Lory started to notice the apparent need for technician assistance for pets in people’s homes while pet sitting, so she got to work.

Lory says, “I saw that there needed to be a bridge between pet owners and veterinarians and set to building.”

What kind of services does PAL provide?

Lory’s goal was to help people with their pets AT HOME. Pet owners don’t necessarily need to pay a mobile veterinarian to come out to their home for more routine services when a vet tech is more than qualified to do them! PAL offers services such as:

  • Administering medications
  • Anal gland expression
  • Educating clients on insulin administration
  • Collecting blood samples
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Post surgery support
  • Nail trims
  • MUCH more!

Lory aims to relieve pet owners of the stress of taking their pet into the office for services that can be more calmly done at home, while making a difference in the life (and sometimes the recovery) of the pet. Her services also support local veterinary hospitals who refer their clients to Lory for in-home care when they can’t offer anything similar.

How big is Lory’s team?

Lory’s business runs with a team of four, and while they don’t often see each other, as they don’t have an “office” to report to each day, open communication keeps them all connected. Each team member is free to accept visits that best fit their schedule and skill set, making PAL an incredibly supportive and successful team to be on.

What future goals does Lory have for PAL?

To become a household name! Lory wants PAL to be utilized as a resource by local veterinary hospitals, clinics, doctors, other techs, and vet hospital receptionists. Building partnerships ultimately means everyone can serve their clients with the highest quality care.

What is her advice for other RVTs who potentially want to start their own business?

Lory suggests finding your niche and running with it! Make sure you work to build strong relationships with veterinarians and hospitals, and consistently nurture them. Thank those who support your business. They’re helping you make your dreams a reality! And lastly, ALWAYS respect a doctor’s orders and work within your scope.

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