Bad reviews? Crazy Clients? PR Disaster? Prep your clinic to respond with these tools!

Product Highlights:


– Never be at a loss for words! You’ll get templated responses you can copy and paste for the 8 most common bad veterinary reviews.
– Be ready for anything! Beyond the 8 review response templates, this guide reveals the 4 elements you need to craft a good response to a bad review.
– Protect your page! You can ban certain words from being posted to your Facebook page, and we’ve got the exact list you can copy and paste into your settings.
– Don’t worry! This guide shows you exactly what settings to change and how to use the materials provided.
– Easy PDF format you can download and access across multiple devices.

Why’d we make this?


Dr. Jessica Vogelsang is a USA Today best-selling author with a serious way with words. After overcoming her own experience with a media attack, she wanted to share the words that help handle almost any situation. Danielle Lambert has managed enough veterinary social media accounts to know things can go really wrong. As a former practice manager, she wanted to create something that would make it easy for vet clinics to protect their online presence by taking reputation management into their own hands.

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