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What’s included in Veterinary Social Media Essentials?

Module 1: Content Creation Tips From Someone Who Has Gone Viral in Vet Med…Repeatedly

Ever spend a bunch of time trying to create a graphic for social media, but then you post it and no one even likes it? Ya – we’re going to talk about how to avoid that in this module. You’ll be learning from the best as Danielle gives you tips and tricks based on viral posts she’s created for everyone in vet med, from Dr. Andy Roark to small clinics. Danielle will share the science behind what makes posts go viral, plus the tools you need to make great graphics & videos. You’ll feel ready to educate pet owners with her foolproof blueprint to writing blogs they’ll actually read.

Module 2: Your Vet Clinic’s 50-Minute Facebook Facelift

Facebook got you overwhelmed? Reach not what you want it to be? Forget feeling that way after you get the 411 on when to post, what to post, and how to track your success. Sold tips on boosting posts (Facebook ads) will be covered, and Danielle will share how you can protect your practice from online attacks with a few critical setting changes. We’ll have post ideas GALORE! Struggling with bad reviews? You’ll get ideas on exactly how to respond.

Module 3: How To Make Your Vet Clinic Insta-Famous

Hashtags and geotags and stories… oh my! Instagram has grown up a lot lately and now is your chance to take it seriously. You’ll leave this module knowing the basics of the platform, what to post (it’s different than Facebook!), and how to find the exact hashtags that work for your hospital. You’ll get more post ideas, tips on editing your photos to make ‘em Insta-worthy, and engaging ideas to put on your story. Your profile will become professional with the exact template you need to write a good bio, plus tips on driving traffic to your website.

Module 4: Developing An Online Marketing Plan That Has Real Life Results

You’ll be comfortable with creating content for Facebook and Instagram by this point, so now it’s time to convert business. Danielle will give you a monthly marketing plan template to help you plan your success. You’re going to want to track results by now, and you’ll get the tools you need to make that happen. Successful marketing is holistic, so Danielle will give you tips to get the whole team involved in reaching your common goals.