Did you hear your animal clinic needs a Facebook  business page representing your veterinary practice instead of just using a personal Facebook account?  A Facebook business page is what Facebook calls any business profiles on Facebook, whether they’re for veterinary hospitals, dog groomers or other businesses. It’s different than your Facebook timeline, which is your personal Facebook page. There’s a few advantages to having a business page set up for you animal hospital, and I’m happy to explain what they are – just click the “more” link! 

facebook pages for veterinary hospitals

First, a question: Which situation fits your veterinary hospital’s current Facebook situation?

  1. You’re totally new to using Facebook for your animal hospital
  2. One of the veterinarians or staff members is using their own personal Facebook timeline like your practice’s business page

Now that you’ve answered that question, let’s talk about why starting an official Facebook business page will be helpful to your veterinary hospital! There are several advantages to using a Facebook Page, what Facebook calls their business pages, over a personal Facebook Timeline, what Facebook calls your personal page. Here’s a few I have personally utilized in my practice:

  • Insights. When you create a Facebook Page for your veterinary business, you will be able to access Insights. Insights are like analytics, demonstrating demographic information about the pet parents that like your animal clinic’s Facebook.
  • Why are Facebook insights useful to managing your veterinary hospital’s Facebook page? Well, having Insights will help you learn a lot about the people who “like” your practice’s Facebook page!
  • Facebook insights can tell you great information, like when you’re veterinary clients are most active on Facebook. This will help you learn about when you should be posting on Facebook to get the most engagement.  Not only that, but your Facebook insights can tell you which types of posts your veterinary clients like the most. (Insights show you, by post, how many people liked your post, commented on it, or shared it.) Insights have taught me a lot about the people who like my veterinary hospital’s page. For example, I know that my clients are on Facebook around 7pm, and that they LOVE pictures. Here’s an idea of what your insights can show you:
Facebook Insights Veterinarians

A glimpse at Facebook insights on a veterinary business page, showing what time people are online & what posts they find engaging

  • Multiple Administrators or Managers. You will manage a Facebook page through your personal timeline, but you can allow the other veterinary professionals you work with to help you! With a Facebook Page for your animal hospital, various staff members can be allowed different levels of access through their own personal accounts. This is helpful for when you might have a veterinary practice manager, receptionist and technician all helping to post content. At my practice, I’m the administrator of the page, but one of my customer service reps has access to managing certain aspects of the page.
  • Advertising. With a business account, you can make ads to promote your veterinary practice or “boost” your animal clinic’s individual Facebook posts. This will help more potential clients to see your veterinary hospital’s Facebook Page & posts!

If you need to start a Facebook business page for your veterinary hospital or convert a personal Facebook timeline into a business page, check out my blog on creating a Facebook page for your veterinary hospital. 

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