So your veterinary hospital has a Facebook, but the practice owner went crazy because a client wrote something “bad” on it? As a veterinarian, online reputation management is important. If a veterinary client writes something negative on your page, it is important to respond politely publicly, then take the issue offline to resolve it.

Want to get a little more proactive about your animal hospital’s Facebook reputation?

1) Put the Facebook Pages Manager App on your phone to help you stay RESPONSIVE. Your reputation is best managed when you’re paying attention. 😉

Get it for iPhone                – Get it for Android

2) Ban certain words from even being put on your veterinary hospital’s Facebook page. (Think “incompetent”, “sucks”, etc.)

This video will show you exactly how to block certain words from your page:

Oh – you want that list of naughty words. Fair warning – it is a very… colorful list. However, it might come in handy. You can get it here.