Creating a Facebook Business Page for a Veterinary Hospital

Building a Facebook business page for your animal clinic is a great way to start with social media at your veterinary practice! If you’ve already read my post about the difference between a Facebook business page & a personal timeline, you’ll understand the importance of creating a business page for your veterinary hospital instead of a personal timeline that belongs to a vet tech or veterinarian. Click the “more” link to go through the steps of setting up your animal clinic’s Facebook page! 

I’ve started my own veterinary hospital’s Facebook page and other veterinary business pages. Let’s help you go from nothing, to something like this:

bclac veterinary facebook

Doesn’t BC Large Animal Clinic’s Facebook page look like a community you’d enjoy being a part of? That’s exactly what you want your veterinary hospital’s page to achieve. Let’s get started!

If you’re just starting with Facebook at your veterinary hospital, you might be in one of 3 potential situations…

  1. You have a personal Facebook timeline you’ve been using for your veterinary hospital, and you want to convert it to a Facebook Page.
  2. Facebook has made a business listing for your hospital (and maybe your clients have started to “like” it), but you need to claim the page.
  3. You have neither a personal timeline nor a business listing created by Facebook that’s waiting to be claimed. You need to start from scratch!

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Converting a Veterinarian’s Facebook Timeline into a Business Page

This is a simple process that you can just have Facebook walk you right through. If you already have a timeline that you need to convert into a page for your animal hospital, check out these instructions. Try it out, and if it gets tricky, leave a comment below! I will always try to help. Once you have converted a veterinarian’s Facebook timeline into a business page, check out my other helpful SNOUT School posts! Not sure if you have a timeline or a business page? Click here to learn more about the difference.

Claiming a Facebook Page That Was Created for Your Veterinary Business

Need to claim a page that has been created by Facebook for your veterinary business? That’s exactly what I had to do in 2011 when I started managing Quinebaug Valley Veterinary Hospital’s Facebook page. Back then, 4 people had already “liked” our page – and I couldn’t believe it. We hadn’t even done anything with it yet! Anyways – if you’re in this boat, let me give you some pointers. In the top right corner of the page, there will be a drop down menu to click. Look at this image below:

west side animal clinic facebook


If you click the gear icon, you will get the drop down menu that asks, “Is this your business?” If you click that link, Facebook will take you through the full process of claiming the page they’ve already created for you.

A little disclaimer – SNOUT School does not know West Side Animal Clinic in Worcester, MA at the time that this blog was created. This image is what the public can find of their Facebook, and we thought it would be helpful for other veterinary clinics that are in a similar situation! 

After you gain control over the Facebook Page that Facebook created for your veterinary hospital, be sure to come back to SNOUT School. I have created TONS of posts about Facebook to help you avoid the mistakes I’ve made and really get your Facebook going quickly. So once you’re set up, read some of the other useful how-to articles I’ve created for veterinary professionals!

Creating a New Facebook Page for Your Veterinary Hospital from Scratch

If your veterinary hospital doesn’t have ANY sort of Facebook page, don’t worry! Creating a Facebook business page for your animal clinic takes minutes.

When logged into your personal Facebook account (Yes, you have to have a personal account to create a business page!), visit this link. From there, you will be able to create a business page. It will only take a minute, and Facebook makes it very simple! Be sure to list your business as veterinarian, fill out all of your information (address, website, hours, etc). Then, check out SNOUT School’s other useful posts about starting out with Facebook as a veterinarian or veterinary professional!

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