Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic to your veterinary hospital’s website. Don’t know how to make social media work for your clinic? All of you veterinarians, veterinary practice managers & vet techs out there can watch this 5 minute video to learn how! I will describe exactly how to upload a Pinterest pin, describe it & source it correctly. Taking a few minutes to do this will ensure that Pinterest users are clicking through your pins to find  YOUR VETERINARY HOSPITAL!

This is an especially important video for those veterinarians who have blogs on their animal clinic’s website. (Or if you pay for pet health articles on your site.) Now you can share all of that great information via Pinterest. After all, that’s where your clients are spending their time! (I know we all wish they were on our vet clinic websites all day, but.. come on…)

Update, March 2016: The section you edit to add your website in order to drive traffic is now called “website”, not “source.” Makes more sense! Check out the screenshot below:

Pinterest Source Pin 2016