Amidst the COVID crisis, we keep hearing more and more about telemedicine. The word, frankly, scares the crap out of people. It sounds like some sort of big, scary thing that we need to add to our to-do list.

With a million handwashing trips and simply trying to stay sane in this “new normal,” it’s easy to see where veterinary professionals are scared of using telemedicine.

In this episode of What If She Helped Her?, Danielle talks to telemedicine expert Dr. Jessica Vogelsang about how to make this new tech easier to digest.

“Anything that is not you talking to someone else directly face to face is telehealth,” Dr. Vogelsang explains.

Instead of being (understandably) overwhemed by the tech options and choices that help you do more elaborate virtual care, Dr. Vogelsang encourages practices to consider 3 things:

1. What are my needs?

2. What are my problems?

3. How can I use tech to make this better?

Instead of seeing telemedicine as a new, scary piece of tech, let’s see it as a way to increase space between ourselves and pet owners while still providing care.

Dr. V. jumps into more technical details on telemedicine – like common use cases – in episode 001 of What If She Helped Her?

Check this quick episode out below, and be sure to snag Dr. V’s guide, Veterinary Telemedicine: An Overview for The Overwhelmed, in our store.


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