Managing a veterinary hospital’s Instagram can be SO tricky because – as of fall 2016 – there isn’t way to schedule posts ahead of time.

Great news! There is a new feature that will allow you to save posts to drafts. You’ll have to go back and post later, but you will have your photo, filter & caption ready to go.

Here’s how you do it.

1) Click the camera button on your Instagram app, and either take a photo or upload one as usual.

2) Pick a filter, write your caption, then click “OK” in the top corner (above your caption).


3) Click the back arrow, marked below, then “Save as Draft.”


3. When you’re ready to post, click the camera icon (as you do for a normal post), then go to “Manage.”



4. Select the draft post you wish to share, and proceed as you would normally!

Bonus tip: Use the WhenToPost app to find the best time to share to your page, plus get reminders of when it’s time to post your draft!