By Cheyanne Flerx

Fleas and ticks never are truly without food, they always are always lurking in the shadows, waiting to feast. Getting our clients to understand the importance of protecting their pets from fleas and ticks year-round can be tough, however, it is not impossible. The key lies in mastering the balance between educating and engaging with pet owners in a way that conveys your message in terms they can understand and relate to.

To achieve this I recommend reframing from using too much medical jargon to explain the reasoning behind recommending a product or method. Rather speak in a way that shows your clients that you truly care about your patient’s overall well-being and how it will improve their quality of life. Social media is a great way to achieve this in a fun and educational way!

Here are some creative ideas to help you reach your clients in a whole new way:

POST #1: Host a live Q&A with a doctor and/or tech and talk about FAQs on fleas/ticks and the contest.

Idea for graphic: On Facebook, announce that your team will be going live with a simple but eye-catching graphic. Make sure to plan ahead and publish the announcement a day or two before you go live. Include the details of when you plan on going live.

Caption tip: For this post, invite your followers to join live and submit their questions in the comments. You could even make an event page so people can RSVP.

POST #2: On Facebook or Instagram, publish a video on how to apply or give your preferred flea and tick preventive to pets.

Idea for graphic: Add captions to your video with Facebook’s auto-generated option.

Caption tip: Briefly explain the purpose behind the video. For your call to action (CTA), direct the audience to visit your blog or website for more information.

POST#3: On Instagram, Share a picture of a patient with a sign that says, “I got my [INSERT PREVENTIVE HERE]!”

Idea for graphic: Add your logo to the photo using a graphic design tool or app.

Caption tip: Comment on how adorable your patient is and how they are protected about fleas and ticks. Direct them to visit your website through the link in your bio for more details on flea and tick prevention.

POST #4: Either on Facebook or Instagram, share a video or picture of a staff member giving a patient their flea and tick preventive.

Idea for graphic: Edit the picture to include text saying, “It’s the first of the month! Is your pet protected?”

Caption tip: Express the importance of flea and tick prevention and why consistency in protection is key. Encourage your clients to visit your website to request a refill on their pet’s flea and tick preventive.

POST #5: For your Instagram or Facebook Story, ask a true/false question about fleas and ticks.

Idea for graphic: Use the “question” sticker to ask your followers your true or false question.

Caption tip: Provide a hint by directing your followers to visit your blog on fleas and ticks (if you have one) through your website.

Want more ideas on how to boost compliance on flea and tick preventives? We have a whole marketing planner dedicated to helping you sell more flea and tick preventives or products in an engaging way! In our planner, we help you to set a SMART goal, set actionable steps to reach that goal, and track your success! Snag your copy today and send those pesky parasites packing!

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