Introducing The Veterinary Marketing Bootcamp

The quickest way to go from confused to confident in your marketing skills!

The Veterinary Marketing Bootcamp is the only program specifically created to help guide you through turning likes and clicks into increased compliance and boosted revenue at your vet clinic in just 3 months.

Before we give you all the deets, let’s see if this is for you!

You’re one of the special people in vet med that notice the little details. You’re always tinkering with technology to make clinic life easier, and you love making clients feel special. You take pride in what you do, and you want to get even better!

It doesn’t matter if you’re…
New to marketing a vet clinic and so excited about the possibilities
Been marketing for a while but always want to get better
A practice owner who takes pride in their business and wants to see it shine brighter

This bootcamp is for you if you’re ready to roll your sleeves up, dive deep into marketing for 3 months, and get real results.

Snag a spot before September 30th!

By the end of this 3-month bootcamp, you will have:

-Completed your own clinic marketing audit, ensuring you know your strengths and weaknesses

-Learned how to set a marketing budget to help you plan and track

-Established clear goals to give your marketing a set direction

-Discovered how to get attention with great content- from blogs and emails to posters and flyers

-Found out how to create, schedule, and track stand out social media posts

-Learned how to leverage text, emails, and other forms of communication

-Gotten a taste of how to create social media ads

-Figured out how to track the results you’re getting with all your hard work

What’s included?

-An interactive Facebook group to ensure you have 1-on-1 support for your questions
-12 weeks of online educational content that’ll leave you confident in your marketing skills
-Certified Veterinary Marketer status, pending a passing grade on our final exam
-A Snout School marketing plan of your choice, plus a blank plan to use later – $82 value!

-BONUS: Add coaching to have us create a custom marketing campaign with you

Two ways to join before September 30th!

Self-guided with the support of our community! $289
Or 3 payments of $99

Everything in Team Snout, plus three 30-minute coaching calls with Cheyanne Flerx! $699
Or 3 payments of $249