Poison Prevention Week BLOG title

March 20-26th is National Animal Poison Prevention Week. What better time to help educate veterinary clients about toxins and hazards? Helping pet owners keep their pets safe and healthy is an important role for veterinary social media!

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TIP: Be sure to think like a client.

There are so many things that a pet could possibly get into, so where do you even begin? Whenever I am posting, blogging, or creating any type of content for The Drake Center for Veterinary Care, I first and foremost try to see through the lens of the target client.

What is their perspective? What is currently going on in their life? What are they thinking about? What is important to them? This is easier said than done, but when you can tap into this, it creates the most engaging content.

TIP: Develop a client-friendly theme.

I thought it would be a good idea to add a spring theme to animal poison prevention week. What spring time activities could pose a threat to a clients pet? While brainstorming for a blog on my hospitals web site, I came up with Easter, gardening, bee stings, and spring cleaning. The blog also covered preventatives, but I did not include it in the poison prevention posts.

I created a graphic on free design site, Canva.com, for each of the topics.

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I used the hashtag, #AnimalPoisonPreventionWeek, to link them together throughout the week.

Post Idea 1: Easter


Post Idea 2: Gardening

Gardening Hazards

Post Idea 3: Bee Stings

Bee Stings

Post Idea 4: Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

TIP: Pepper in patient content throughout the week!

I would suggest coming up with one or two more topics, and then you could post one per day during the week. No doubt these will be less engaging than pictures of cute puppies, so sprinkle in those kind of posts throughout the week too!

Bonus tip: You can email this info to clients, in addition to posting on social media. To read my blog that was sent out to clients in The Drake Center’s monthly newsletter, go here.

What will you be sharing during National Animal Poison Prevention Week? Comment below, or share your posts in the Snout School group on Facebook.