Why Would a Veterinary Hospital Use Pinterest?

Pinterest? I’m not a wedding planner! If you’re a veterinarian, veterinary practice manager or vet tech new to using social media for your animal hospital, you might not think that Pinterest makes sense for your practice. Well, would it surprise you to find out that Pinterest is the #3 traffic source to my veterinary hospital’s website, after Google & Facebook? (And I honestly don’t even spend THAT much time on my hospital’s Pinterest yet, compared the effort I put into our Facebook.) Before I get into using Pinterest in later SNOUT School posts, let me explain how Pinterest can help drive traffic to your veterinary website. (Maybe then you’ll be interested in learning more about how to use it!)

Pinterest: The Search Engine of Social Media

Pinterest isn’t exactly that social of a social media platform. Confused? Pinterest has recently announced that it is more interested in being a search engine, like Google, than another social media network, like Facebook. Why? If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, look at their dashboard:

pinterest for veterinarians


See the top left corner, highlighted in red? That’s where you can search for ANYTHING within Pinterest – recipes, wedding dresses or – wait for it – pet health tips.

Using Pinterest to Increase Traffic to Your Veterinary Website

Maybe someone is looking for information on pet nutrition or brushing their dog’s teeth. As Pinterest and the idea of “visual search” becomes more popular, people are going to turn to Pinterest, like they currently use Google, to search for information. When they search on Pinterest, they will find related “pins”, what Pinterest calls the posts you make, to help them solve the problem they have. Pins can be linked to websites. That means that in a few simple steps, a current or prospective new client can go from looking for pet health tips on Pinterest to being linked to your veterinary hospital’s website. 

Starting a Pinterest for your veterinary hospital will allow you to take advantage of Pinterest’s search features, driving traffic to your website. Not only that, but if your current clients like your animal clinic’s Pinterest, they’ll be able to use it like a visual resource library of information you’ve posted.

Pinterest As a Client Education Library

Pinterest can act as an online resource library for your veterinary practice’s client education. Your animal clinic can create boards dedicated to various topics. The great thing about Pinterest boards is that, unlike Facebook, the posts you make don’t fade away quickly down a feed. When you put pins about a certain topic onto a board, people can go find them easily a year after you posted them! That’s not the case for information you share on Facebook or Twitter. Your veterinary hospital Pinterest could include a patient board, a pet weight loss board, a dental health board or any type of topic that you feel is relevant to your practice. Look at that! You have a little pet health library for current and potential clients.

pinterest ideas for veterinary hospital

Maybe your veterinary hospital’s website has client ed information on it, but clients don’t really use it. If you’ve invested time or money in having client ed articles or informational blog posts on your website, Pinterest can be a quick and fun way to bring attention to that fact. Your clients are already on Pinterest, so why not educate them while they’re there!?

More SNOUT School Posts are Coming about Pinterest!

I will be detailing, step-by-step, how to create a Pinterest, link pins to your website and more very soon. Make sure you enroll in SNOUT School to get my free social media updates before anyone else in the veterinary industry! Have questions about Pinterest? Leave a comment below, or shoot me an email at Danielle@SnoutConsulting.com. I’m here to help, and I love finding out what veterinary professionals are interested in learning about social media.

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