Meet The 
Snout Squad

Danielle K. Lambert.

Snout Squad Co-Founder
Danielle's Bio

Superlative: Most Likely to Start a Girl Gang

Bio: Snout School founder, international speaker, and social media addict working to empower veterinary businesses and brands to succeed online. Danielle has built social media campaigns for accounts ranging from to the Companion Animal Parasite Council, but she is most well-known for being a dog mom to Archer, the Brussels Griffon.


Dr. Jessica Vogelsang

Snout Squad Co-Founder

Jessica's Bio

Superlative: Best Storyteller

Bio: Bestselling author and national speaker masquerading as a veterinary oenophile mother in the burbs so no one actually knows the first half. Will make you cry but in a super cathartic way. What you get if you stuff James Herriot, Martha Stewart and Anthony Bourdain in a blender and serve up the result to the Real Housewives of OC. Repped by Steve Troha of Folio Lit and the letter R for Rose.


Dr. Belinda Parsons


Dr. Parson's Bio

Superlative: Most likely to Instagram an Exam

Bio: Small Animal Vet and acupuncturist showcasing vet clinic life via Instagram, Snapchat, and real life vlogs in Sydney, Australia.


Brynn Zittle

Brynn's Bio

Superlative: Best Blockbuster Potential

Bio: Passionate animal advocate making a difference in the lives of humans and pets by using unparalleled storytelling and cinematography skills.


Dr. Caitlin DeWilde

Dr. DeWilde's Bio

Superlative: Social Media Butterfly

Bio: Veterinarian and founder of TheSocialDVM, the go-to site to uncover the power of veterinary social media.


Carol Hurst LVT, CVPM, CVJ

Carol's Bio

Superlative: Most Rey-Like in Vet Med

Bio: Innovative veterinary practice management consultant that you might recognize from the viral video “If Rey Worked at a Veterinary Hospital.”


Dr. Chérie Buisson

Dr. Buisson's Bio

Superlative: Happiest Hospice Vet

Bio: Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarian with speaking expertise in pet hospice, euthanasia, and wellness for veterinary teams.


Cheyanne Flerx

Cheyanne's Bio

Superlative: Marketing Maven

Vet Assistant turned Marketing Manager passionate about empowering fellow marketing enthusiasts to go further.

Dr. Claire Stevens

Dr. Steven's Bio

Superlative: Baddest Mom Boss

Bio: Virtual vet, Instagrammer, YouTuber, and animal advocate building a brand to inspire fellow mom bosses.


Dr. Cyndie Courtney

Dr. Courtney's Bio

Superlative: Best Jerk Reformer

Bio: Speaker, writer, and researcher uncovering why some people treat others badly and what we can do about it.


Dr. Dani McVety

Dr. McVety's Bio

Superlative: Most Entrepreneurial

Bio: Founder & CEO of Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice. Veterinarian, speaker, consultant, and author.

Debbie Boone, CVPM

Debbie's Bio

Superlative: Baddest Baby Boomer

Bio: CVPM teaching animal people how to better connect with humans.


Jackie Mercurio, CVT, CVPM

Jackie's Bio

Superlative: Life of The Digital Party

Bio: Helping unique “unicorn” clinics to communicate effectively in a digital world.


Jade Velasquez, LVT

Jade's Bio

Superlative: Notorious L.V.T.

Bio: Writer and speaker promoting positivity and open communication in vet med.


Janel Hutton

Janel's Bio

Superlative: Biggest Social Geek

Bio: Social media geek helping vets and their clients connect online over their shared love of pets.


Dr. Julie Buzby

Dr. Buzby's Bio

Superlative: Most Inventive

Bio: Veterinarian and inventor of Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips for dogs


Kelsey Beth Carpenter, RVT

Kelsey's Bio

Superlative: Best Vocals in Vet Med

Bio: Creator of comedic veterinary content including songs, memes and other things only her dog knows about.


Kristi Crow

Kristi's Bio

Superlative: Most Poppin’ Personality

Bio: Perdue SAVMA President showing it’s possible to lead a healthy, balanced, fun lifestyle during vet school.


Dr. Lauren Smith

Dr. Smith's Bio

Superlative: Best Vetitude

Bio: Speaker and writer using the power of empathy, understanding and the right “Vetitude” to influence people into action.


Dr. Lindsay Butzer

Dr. Butzer's Bio

Superlative: Most Likely to Get Patient Pics

Bio:  Fun, positive small animal veterinarian passionate about educating families and kids about responsible pet ownership.


Dr. Natalia Strokowska

Dr. Strokowska's Bio

Superlative: Best Communicator

Bio: Entrepreneur, PhD student, TEDx speaker and traveler based in Warsaw, Poland.


Rachael Ostrem

Dr. Ostrem's Bio

Superlative:  Sparkliest Almost-Vet

Bio: VBMA President passionate about increasing awareness about agriculture through veterinary medicine, rodeo representation, and agriculture education programs.


Rachel Courville

Rachel's Bio

Superlative: Most Video-Worthy Vet Student

Bio: YouTuber and vet student helping aspiring veterinarians get into and get through vet school.


Dr. Sarah Boston

Dr. Boston's Bio

Superlative: Sassiest Surgeon

Bio: Canadian veterinary surgical oncologist, recovering academic, cancer survivor, public speaker, bestselling author, aspirating comedienne. My book, Lucky Dog: How being a veterinarian saved my life, will make you laugh and ugly cry in public.


Sarah Rumple

Sarah's Bio

Superlative: Writing Whiz

Bio: If a veterinary practice, professional, publication, organization, or consultant needs something written or edited, she’ll write or edit it like no one else.


Dr. Sue Ettinger

Dr. Ettinger's Bio

Superlative: World’s Coolest Oncologist

Bio: International speaker and thought leader sharing practical and inspiring approaches to cancer in pets.


Tracy Dowdy, CVPM

Tracy's Bio

Superlative: Empowerment Emissary

Bio: Veterinary business consultant with 20+ years’ experience. Focused on empowering women to become leaders in the industry, Tracy developed the Relationship Centered Practice Academy in 2017.


Tyler Grogan, CVT

Tyler's Bio

Superlative: Most Motivational

Bio: Empowering veterinary technicians to have the confidence to find their tribe and dance like everyone’s watching.