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If you’re looking to build a veterinary business or brand that:

-Supports the veterinary industry and/or pet owner community in a positive way
-Gives you more control over your career and your free time
-Connects you with a community of like-minded women who back you up as you crush your goals

… then Snout School’s 5 Day #VetBrandChallenge is for you!

Starting on June 1, we’ll send 5 days of tips to help you:

Define your dreams so that you can create a business or brand that supports them
Tackle imposter syndrome, leaving you ready to share the expertise you have with colleagues or pet owners
Discover simple social media strategies to attract the exact people you want to network with or have as clients

PLUS… get an exclusive invite to our mini class, #VetBrand 101, where we will:

-Discuss the 4 areas you need to master to build a sustainable veterinary business or brand
-Review a few lucky ladies’ Instagram accounts to ensure your posts are on point to help you achieve your goals

Who will help me during the #VetBrandChallenge?

You deserve to be supported by the women who help guide some of the best brands in vet med!

Meet Danielle

Are you trying to build a unique brand? With a literal lifetime spent in veterinary medicine, Danielle is uniquely qualified to help you dream up and promote your brand. Her creative marketing, branding, copywriting, and online sales strategies have supported brands from PetDesk to Dr. Andy Roark and Uncharted Veterinary Conference. As the founder of, Danielle helped over 20,000 veterinary hospitals learn about marketing before shifting to focus on supporting women-led brands in the space. She’s proud to count Dogtor Kristi, The Derm Vet, and Dr. Tannetje Crocker amongst the personal brands she’s helped guide, along with all of the members of Snout School’s Veterinary Girl Gang & Snout Squad clubs. Now it’s your turn to use her unique skill set to make your brand shine!

Meet Cheyanne

Want to make all of those ideas you have happen? Cheyanne is living proof that effective social media is a powerful tool to help you reach your goals. Starting as a vet assistant assigned to manage Facebook, Cheyanne has blossomed into one of the industry’s top social media strategists by working hard to serve her clients. A goal-oriented marketer, Cheyanne can take your ideas and bring them to life online. She is the force behind the social strategy for brands like The Derm Vet and Fen Vet. Working with The Snout Group is your chance to utilize her social media savvy to make your dreams come true through social media.

Is #VetBrandChallenge for me?

At Snout School, we aim to support women doing all sorts of big things with their veterinary careers! Some examples include:

-Aspiring or current practice owners looking to build a brand to attract employees and clients
-Veterinarians looking to create credible pet health information online
-Public speakers, podcasters, and course creators using their brand to build a business that gets them out of the clinic
-Consultants and specialists looking to share their expertise online
-Students or recent grads looking to expand their network to land their dream job

It doesn’t matter where you are in your brand journey. If you’re a veterinary professional and those goals sound even a tiny bit familiar, we’re here to help!