I didn’t think I’d ever actually make this announcement. It’s been a lot for me to process, but I’ve wanted to say it for a while.

So here it goes:

For the last 10+ years, my business mirrored my personal growth. I would level up, and so would my content and services.

This means I’ve gotten increasingly niche within the veterinary industry.

I went from being a super desperate young entrepreneur, open to working with literally any veterinary clinic or company that believed social media was a real place.

As I gained confidence and clarity, I started working with those who were more progressive. (Frankly – marketing can’t save you if aspects of your business suck IRL!)

And then it became working with clinics, companies, and consultants who wanted to create brands. They were doing the values-driven work that attracts today’s talent and consumers, and they knew they needed to market that.

Lately? It looks like working with founders who understand that you don’t just build a beautiful, values-driven brand once. You have to work continuously to maintain it.

And I’m freaking lucky to say I’ve attracted the most magical clients with my brand!

… people that other consultants and b2b service providers told me didn’t exist.

I’m so proud to say that after getting more and more specific about who I serve, my revenue has skyrocketed. (Shoutout to the people who told me having divisive opinions and progressive values would wreck my business! 🤪)

✨I went from being stuck in the $150k zone forever to nearly doubling that last year.✨

I started Snout School because I was making $17/hr as a practice manager, struggling to make ends meet.

So owning a multi-six-figure business? Phew – I’m not crying, you are.

I’ve always had that feeling that my business was growing with me. In a lot of ways, I feel like Snout School has earned me a real-world MBA.

But for the last year or so, I’ve felt like I’ve outgrown my business.

I’m such a proponent that veterinary medicine needs better business education. (Especially for the independently-owned practices and solopreneur consultants out there!)

And now that I’m investing nearly $4k/mo in my own business and money coaches to educate me, I’m seeing a bigger picture for what business education looks like in 2024. I’ve spent time in masterminds with TikTok course selling superstars and multi 6 figure health coaches.

Knowing what I know from being in these spaces and working with these mentors, I truly think I’m doing a disservice to my magical dream clients.

What’s that disservice?

Limiting my offers to those in the veterinary space.

I know these driven, forward-thinking founders could learn so much more from working alongside other types of business owners.

They’re the progressive people who don’t want to do vet med “like it’s always been done.”

So having them in an echo chamber with each other isn’t enough to support their long-term goals.

I’m also doing a disservice to myself.

My creativity is being stifled by only serving one niche, and so is my potential growth.

Moral of the story?

I’m ready to expand my work outside of the veterinary industry, which means moving on from Snout School and housing all my courses and coaching under my personal brand.

Don’t worry… this doesn’t mean I’m imploding what I’ve built.

I actually LOVE the content and coaching happening in my membership, my mini masterminds, and my mastermind. So you can still join these programs now, and they will exist in my new world!

Sunsetting Snout School just means that the programs we currently offer will get re-branded in the coming months.

As we do that, I’ll welcome in other forward-thinking founders to my courses and my coaching communities.

IE: You could join our membership for a year right now, and it isn’t disappearing when I shut down Snout School. It will just be getting bigger and better!

I’m so excited for what this means for my current Snout School “students” and their growth.

From there, I’ll expand The Snout Group to offer high-level brand design and strategy services to vet med and beyond.

Beyond that? Tbh, I’m not sure of every detail of this pivot.

I just know it’s time, and that I am pretty well-equipped to do the brand strategy work to figure out the details.

If you have that itch to level up, re-brand, or expand what you do – I’d like to invite you to join me for the ride.

I’m going to be hosting a private podcast (it’s free) where I’m going to break down my transition away from the Snout School brand.

I’ll cover things like:

  • The embarrassing revelation I had that was making scrolling through social a stressful nightmare for me
  • How to know when it’s time to level up, and how to not feel like an asshole for admitting you want that
  • What I’m doing to figure out my new brand, with tons of specifics that will help you learn more about brand strategy
  • How I’m creating a new visual look and theme for my new personal brand, and eventually the agency
  • What I’m doing to attract more dream clients outside the veterinary niche

Click here to follow along as I get really real about what it takes to create your own luck! (And end up with a dream business stacked with EVEN MORE dream clients.)

The main Snout School email list will become inactive in a few months.

So if you want to continue to learn and grow with me, you need to click to opt-in. You’ll get updates and podcast episodes on the transition that will help you learn tons about leveling up a brand, and you’ll be the first to see my new world!

If you’re in a place where you want to stay focused on veterinary-specific info, no worries. I hope our paths will cross in the future when you’re ready.

Thanks for an epic 10 years. Here’s to what’s next! 🥂

-Danielle K. Lambert