By Cheyanne Flerx and Janel Hutton

With Pet Dental Month just around the corner, we have some tips to help make February fun and engaging online and in your clinic. This is a great opportunity to educate your clients about the importance of pet dental health and to promote any products or specials you may have. But remember to keep it fun for your clients along the way!

In the clinic

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to promote Pet Dental Health within the clinic? Highlight patients who have gotten dental cleanings throughout the month with cute, personalized signs and post it in your lobby, exam rooms, or anywhere your clients visit often. Clients will love that you are featuring their pet and hanging up a sign in their honor.

For Your Clinic Blog

We all know that Dr. Google is one of the first places clients consult when they have a question or concern about their pet. Why not write a blog post that has information pet owners can trust and potentially bring business to your clinic! Create a blog post that teaches pet owners how to recognize the signs of dental disease and how they can treat and prevent it. Examples of titles can be “4 Facts About Dental Disease”, “Do You Have Questions About Pet Dental Health? We Have Answers!”….etc.

What About Video?

Facebook Post Ideas

POST IDEA 1: Get some great engagement – while sticking with the theme of pet dental month – and ask your audience to post pictures of their pets smiling.

Conversion tip: In your caption on your post, include a link to your dental special on your website or a link that encourages your audience to book an appointment. (Ask the WhiskerCloud team to design a custom page about your dental specials. Don’t have a custom site? Your clinic saves big when you request a demo at

POST IDEA 2:  A simple quiz about anything related to pet dental health. For example, “How many teeth does a cat have or dog have?”, “How many times a week should you brush your pet’s teeth?”, “How often should your pet get their teeth cleaned?”, or “Is bad breath normal in a pet?”

Instagram Post Ideas

POST IDEA 1: Highlight the fact that you have great, safe dental products for pets. Feature your passionate staff members with your dental products showing your clients how they can incorporate your dental products on a daily basis.

POST IDEA 2: Show how excited your dental tech staff is excited for Dental Month! Take a slow-mo or gif video of them jumping for joy or getting kisses from a dental patient.

POST IDEA 3: Valentine’s Day isn’t just for people! If you have boarding pets or grooming pets, make up little Valentine Bags with treats in them. Attach a simple Valentine to the bag and sign from your clinic staff. Clients will appreciate the little jester of love.

Janel’s Bonus Biscuit of the Month

Encourage clients to come in for Dental Exams during Dental Month by celebrating Tooth Tuesdays or Open Wide Wednesdays.

During these days of the week, clients and patients get special treatment by the dental staff. Patients can get a free or discounted dental exam, bag of goodies, and entries into a prize drawing. To market your Tooth Tuesdays or Open Wide Wednesdays, post on social media pictures of patients interacting with your staff and receiving their goodie bags. Who can resist a cute pet enjoying some free toys?! Also, what a perfect time to get a lot of material for Instagram Stories.

* To collect items for your goodie bags, hit up your vendors for toothbrushes, treats, toys, etc and offer to partner up with them to endorse their products. Clients will also have a chance to discuss dental health with your staff and ask any questions they may have.

Cheyenne’s Bonus Biscuit of the Month

What is your marketing goal for the dental month? Is it to bring in X amount of dentals? Boosting your sales on dental products? Educating your clients? Establish your marketing goal and you can plan your content around your goal.

By doing this, you will improve the quality of your content and communicate better with your clients, which will help increase your conversion rate! Reach out to the team at WhiskerCloud to create a beautiful page on your site to drive traffic to so you can really convert. Snout followers save big when you request a demo here.

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About The Authors

Cheyanne Flerx

Cheyanne Flerx

Cheyanne Flerx is the owner and founder of Hey Cheyanne, LLC and a former Veterinary Assistant now turned Veterinary Social Media Marketing Coach. Cheyanne is on a mission to use her experience and knowledge to uplift and empower fellow Veterinary Social Media Marketers and train them to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Follow her for more social media post ideas, marketing trainings, and guidance on her website.

Janel Hutton

Janel Hutton

Janel Hutton works at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming in Gillette, WY as a Digital Media Manager. She has a passion for pets and photography, so naturally, that took her from a veterinary assistant to a social media maven. Janel believes the connection between pet owners and veterinary clinics is valuable and is a powerful tool in marketing your veterinary clinic. She also loves to geek out on new trends in social media and VetMed.

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