Ever wonder what you can do with a veterinary personal brand? I know a lot of people think personal branding is just some exercise in narcissism or clout-chasing, especially when it comes to building an Instagram.

I see no shame in the selfie game, but a personal brand on Instagram can do big things for a veterinarian, CVPM, or other veterinary professional. You just have to put a little intention behind it!

Here’s some things our Snout School students do with their veterinary personal brands:

1) Attract your ideal team member!


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A post shared by Trina Hancock (@trina.sana.vet)

Want applicants in this competitive job market? In the wise words of Britney Spears, “You better work, bitch.”

I love how Dr. Trina Hancock, owner of Sana Adelaide Animal Hospital, uses her brand to attract employees. She’s unapologetically herself in her super direct Instagram Reels.

They clarify that Dr. Trina is a mama bear of an employer, the kind that will have your back with rude clients. In just a few seconds, she makes you want to work for her. *Packs bags and moves to Canada.*

2) Find the right employer for you!

When I teach veterinarians about personal brands, I am always reinforcing that it is a space to be yourself. Being authentically you will attract your ideal follower! As a relief vet, Dr. Cherese Sullivan (@vetmednochaser) uses her brand to figure out which clinics are for her!

3) Raise awareness for important topics!

It’s no secret that discussing tough topics is near and dear to my heart. A personal brand gives you a platform to talk about what matters to you! Dr. Danielle Alleman (@empathos.vet) isn’t afraid to talk about mental health on her Instagram. It serves as an important reminder that personal brands aren’t just about you!

4) Diversify your income through paid partnerships!

Building a brand opened tons of paid opportunities for me, and I am happy to see pre-vet student @theshelterdogtor using her platform for affiliate opportunities. These are a great way to dip your toe into the monetization waters. Long term, I’d suggest looking for more formal partnerships. But a few extra bucks for recommending something you truly love isn’t a bad way to start!

5) Create your own job by selling services to colleagues!

A key component to building a strong brand is to pick an audience you want to serve. That audience can be super specific. For @TheVetitude, it’s veterinarians who want to feel less anxious about their client interactions. She coaches on handling tough convos – before, during, and after. So throughout her page, you see useful educational content like this that speaks to her ideal client!

6) Mentor the next gen with helpful info!

Building a brand is a great way to connect with potential mentees. Like someone who is selling services, you can provide useful educational information to your ideal mentee. (Just in this case, you’re doing it for free!) I love how vet student @dogtora.nat is already using her platform to support the next gen by sharing insight into the vet school application process.

7) Attract the exact pet owners you want to help!

@PeaceLove_Vet is a veterinarian that believes in holistic medicine, so she uses her platform to speak to her ideal client. Through education about TCM and nutrition, she seeks to attract clients who want accurate information from a trusted professional. No matter what your passion is, building a strong brand is a great way to connect with pet owners who need your knowledge!

Want to build a meaningful personal brand?

These Snout School students are doing big things on Instagram because they have goals and clear strategies.

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