What is
Snout School?

This is a place for driven veterinary professionals to learn the marketing and communication skills that will take them to wherever they want to go in veterinary medicine. We’ve got a big focus on empowering women-led brands in vet med, but anyone who wants to discover what success means to them is welcome!

There are so many career paths you can take in vet med. Thanks to the power of social media and technology, working in practice for 80 hours a week isn’t the only way to succeed. With Snout School, you can find the empowerment, tools and tips to get you to that magical point of work-life balance.

What’s the #SnoutSquad?

The #SnoutSquad is an international alliance of bold women, co-founded by Danielle Lambert & Dr. Jessica Vogelsang. These women are defining success in vet med on their own terms. They’re doctors, vet techs and social media managers. Some want to be in the limelight, and others want to help out behind-the-scenes. By sharing their stories, they hope to guide you toward your goals!

You can meet the official members by clicking the link below, but anyone in vet med can become a member of the #SnoutSquad. You’ve just got to be ready to change how you see yourself, work hard, and share your story!