Want to see all womxn in vet med level up?

Our global veterinary girl gang aspires to include and support all womxn in our industry. Why do we say “aspire?” We realize there is hard work to be done before we get there, girl.

That hard work is called becoming an ally.

Being an ally for black veterinary professionals, LGBTQ+ veterinary professionals, and any marginalized group is an important duty. If we want to increase diversity in our hospitals and brands, we must first educate ourselves on the realities these groups face.

It’s not enough to treat everyone equally without first learning why there is inequality. Make sense?

We’re committing to host a monthly ally meeting for 1 year.

This is going to take work, but we want to help guide you through the amazing resources experts have already created. Not only that, but we want to provide a platform for typically “taboo” conversations.

Wait, why is a business owned by a white woman trying to take over the racism conversation? Are you trying to make this about you- yet again?

We are not, in any way shape or form, experts. We defer to the many, many experts and educational resources out there- in fact, the point of these meetings is to share those with you. Why us? It’s not on black people or any marginalized group to educate us. We believe in intersectional feminism. We are taking on this responsibility, together.

This involves some hard work, reflection, and accountability to do the daily work of doing better. While we welcome and are grateful for the input and insight of any BIPOC who would like to contribute, it’s not their job to help us do better.

Is this ally meeting for me?

This monthly ally meeting won’t be about making you feel bad or shaming you for not starting sooner, but tbh- it will be uncomfortable. It’s a safe space to ask your questions, but it is not a safe space for refusing to grow.

We repeat: It is not a safe space for refusing to grow.

Join us if you’re ready to grow & change by:

-Identifying your unseen biases
-Tackling tough topics, like racism
-Reviewing suggested monthly materials
-Doing the offline work

All who fit the above criteria are welcome, but please be aware that we’re gearing this content mostly toward non-POC in vet med. Why? See the aforementioned explanation of why a company owned by a white woman is taking on this educational role. 🙂

Snag your spot at our next meeting!

Our meetings are led by our founder, Danielle Lambert, and various members of our Snout School community. They’re not experts, but instead, exist to help you review resources from experts and lead the discussion. 

Join us the first Monday of each month at 5:30pm PST!

*YES – this will be recorded, but we encourage you to set aside time to be present in the conversation. Being an ally will require some sacrifice, girl!