Social Media
Consent Form

Protect yourself!

Want to be sure you get consent before sharing content that includes your patients? This is important to maintaining transparency with your clients.

  1. Keep consent SIMPLE. I suggest including this request for consent on your typical welcome forms. Don’t do a separate form – it’s going to seem scary!
  2. REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE: Always post content about pets like they’re your own. No gore, no owner shaming, no negativity. Keep it positive and happy, and that’s your best chance at succeeding.
  3. Tell pet owners THE PLAN: Let ’em know where you’ll be posting the content of their pet so they can check it out, plus so they’ll feel comfortable.
  4. Use friendly language for your consent: “We want to make your pet Facebook Famous or the next IG Influencer. Do we have your consent to share your pet’s image and story on our social media and marketing materials?”

Remember: These suggestions are NOT meant to take the place of legal advice. 🙂