Veterinary Social Media Courses

If you know your veterinary hospital could be doing more on social media, but you aren’t really sure where to start…
Or you’ve recently been put in charge of your vet clinic’s social media, and you’re just feeling overwhelmed…
The Veterinary Social Media Essentials course is here to help you!

What's the course?

Are you in charge of your veterinary hospital’s social media? It’s a big job to take on – especially if you’re trying to answer phones or help in surgery between posts!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with social media or know you could improve your skills… I don’t blame you! There is SO much to learn when it comes to social media.

A lot of veterinary practices get scared off from social because it seems like too much work, and they do nothing online. If veterinary hospitals don’t get on social media, Dr. Google will continue to educate pet owners, and we’ll miss the chance to find new clients online!