Confidently Create Posts Pet Owners Love

…AND bring biz to your clinic in just 4 weeks

(Without the panic about post ideas, doubt if you’re doing it right, and blank stares from coworkers who think you’re just playing around online…)

Why is social media worth it to your veterinary hospital?

  • Reach pet owners where they actually spend time so that you’re not wasting valuable advertising dollars
  • Build trust with pet parents so that they comply with your recommendations in the exam room
  • Spread accurate pet health information, ensuring that veterinarians are the ones educating online instead of Dr. Google
  • Create a community of raving fans around your practice that will recommend you and defend you when those rare bad reviews pop up
  • Boost team member morale with a little fun and creativity in the day and make EVERYONE in vet me wish they worked at your clinic
Like anything else, there are the clear superstars on veterinary social media. There’s an even clearer set of rules that separate the clinics that use social to drive business and boost compliance from the hospitals wondering why that cat meme didn’t do much for them.

  • Includes tons of unique content created by your hospital so that you build a presence that attracts and retains the right clients
  • Educates in an engaging way pet owners respond to, ensuring they’ll learn and trust in your recommendations
  • Drives traffic to your website where people so that you can get pet owners booking appointments, refilling meds, and discovering more about your practice

But here’s where a lot of vet clinics get lost…

It’s totally not your fault if you feel overwhelmed by social.

You wear a lot of hats at your hospital, and there is so much to do to effectively market in an increasingly competitive space.

But you go to CE and get fired up about marketing ideas. You want to do an awesome job!

Then the reality hits. You get pulled in a million directions every single day, and social media gets pushed to the side.

When you do find the time to work on social, your coworkers run for the hills when you try to get them in a photo or – EVEN WORSE – a Facebook Live video.

So you post some funny cat memes.

You throw up an educational blog here and there.

And that’s it.

No traffic to your website.

No local community being built around your practice.

No effect on your business.

But it isn’t your fault this happens. We don’t prioritize marketing our veterinary hospitals, and there aren’t a lot of practical guidelines on how to do it in a realistic situation.

REAL TALK: That doubt you feel about whether or not you’re doing the best job you can on social media is JUSTIFIED.

While the barrier to entry for social media is low (omg it’s free!), the steps you must take to ensure it actually impacts your business are big!

You need to have a plan and a goal so that you can track its value:

  • You must keep up-to-date on social media trends so you’re spending time wisely
  • You’ve got to learn how to make graphics and videos that look professional
  • You need to know how to write blogs pet owners actually will read
  • You’ve got to learn how to be strategic with words so people will read your posts
  • You need to get buy-in from everyone at your practice so that they can help you and support your hard work

But here’s the good news: With the right step-by-step course covering literally EVERYTHING you need to market and sell your veterinary services online, you’ll be one of the social media superstars that gets all the rewards of great marketing!

The most comprehensive online course to take you from basic meme poster to total marketing maven in a month!

Veterinary Social Media Essentials is the only results-focused course of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to create pretty posts like a pro — but how to turn that into REAL business and CRITICAL client compliance.

It’s time to put PURPOSE behind your posting!

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Have a plan to spend LESS time on social, but get REAL results
  • Know the SPECIAL SCIENCE behind why things go viral so that you  will be able to create posts pet owners share
  • Be able to easily create pretty posts so that your social media will look polished & professional
  • Have tips on getting more GREAT REVIEWS… and ideas of how to respond to the bad ones
  • Feel comfortable with the basics of Facebook and Instagram ads so that you can confidently boost posts without wasting money
  • Understand how to educate online to BEAT DR. GOOGLE
  • Know how to drive traffic to your website so that you can book more appointments
  • See why social media is a VALUABLE TOOL to your business, not just an afterthought

What do our graduates have to say?

“The course made the basics very clear and gave you lots of creative ideas to implement in practice. The tools we have gained from this course have made our Facebook even better and helped us produce great ideas for blogging.”
Tyler, Vet Nurse

Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic

“I so, so appreciate the ability to watch the (course) recordings, as it lets me work around my busy schedule as an associate veterinarian. I’ve taken matters into my own hands when it comes to using social media to promote our practice, and Snout School has been an invaluable tool.”
Dr. Brown-Bury

St. John’s Veterinary Hospital

What’s included in Veterinary Social Media Essentials?

Module 1: Content Creation Tips From Someone Who Has Gone Viral in Vet Med…Repeatedly

Ever spend a bunch of time trying to create a graphic for social media, but then you post it and no one even likes it? Ya – we’re going to talk about how to avoid that in this module. You’ll be learning from the best as Danielle gives you tips and tricks based on viral posts she’s created for everyone in vet med, from Dr. Andy Roark to small clinics. Danielle will share the science behind what makes posts go viral, plus the tools you need to make great graphics & videos. You’ll feel ready to educate pet owners with her foolproof blueprint to writing blogs they’ll actually read.

Module 2: Your Vet Clinic’s 50-Minute Facebook Facelift

Facebook got you overwhelmed? Reach not what you want it to be? Forget feeling that way after you get the 411 on when to post, what to post, and how to track your success. Sold tips on boosting posts (Facebook ads) will be covered, and Danielle will share how you can protect your practice from online attacks with a few critical setting changes. We’ll have post ideas GALORE! Struggling with bad reviews? You’ll get ideas on exactly how to respond.

Module 3: How To Make Your Vet Clinic Insta-Famous

Hashtags and geotags and stories… oh my! Instagram has grown up a lot lately and now is your chance to take it seriously. You’ll leave this module knowing the basics of the platform, what to post (it’s different than Facebook!), and how to find the exact hashtags that work for your hospital. You’ll get more post ideas, tips on editing your photos to make ‘em Insta-worthy, and engaging ideas to put on your story. Your profile will become professional with the exact template you need to write a good bio, plus tips on driving traffic to your website.

Module 4: Developing An Online Marketing Plan That Has Real Life Results

You’ll be comfortable with creating content for Facebook and Instagram by this point, so now it’s time to convert business. Danielle will give you a monthly marketing plan template to help you plan your success. You’re going to want to track results by now, and you’ll get the tools you need to make that happen. Successful marketing is holistic, so Danielle will give you tips to get the whole team involved in reaching your common goals.

Enroll now to become the social media superstar you’re meant to be!

Maybe you don’t how to use social in an efficient and effective manner that actually affects business in a valuable way. DON’T PANIC! I didn’t either when I was managing my family’s veterinary practice initially!

But after nearly a decade of trial and error, I’ve found simple steps that work.

It took me years to learn how to use social media effectively, but you’re gonna nail it in just 4 weeks. I’ve seen hundreds of the Veterinary Social Media Essentials graduates do it!

Veterinary superstars – from Drs. Cody Creelman and Andy Roark to Tracy Dowdy CVPM and MarkRoy Veterinary Consulting – have turned to me for social media support, and now it’s your turn to join their ranks!

I can’t wait to help you get the most out of social!

The nitty-gritty of what you’re getting

  • FOUR hour-long course modules delivered weekly and continued access to watch them – including UPDATED VERSIONS – for as long as this course exists
  • Lifetime access to our PRIVATE Facebook group, Varsity Vets, where Danielle personally answers all questions
  • BONUS LIST of evergreen blog topics so you’ll always have ideas
  • PDFs and checklists to help you follow along

Wait… is this for me?

If you’re in charge of your clinic’s marketing at any level, this course can ABSOLUTELY be for you. From practice owners to social media managers, Veterinary Social Media Essentials is perfect for you if:

  • You have a beginner-intermediate level of understanding of social media, and you’re ready to learn more!
  • You post on social media, but don’t really get what the purpose of it is because you’re not seeing results.
  • You want to have a training tool on hand for your whole team to use over and over again.

Plus You’ll be Backed by a Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee

Veterinary Social Media Essentials has a proven, 3-year track record of helping veterinary professionals crush social media.

We can’t guarantee results, and you have to be ready to put the work in to get the social media presence of your dreams. If for whatever reason you do that but don’t feel satisfied at the end of 30 days, your enrollment fee will be refunded in full.

Enroll now to become the social media superstar you’re meant to be!