If everyone calls themselves a unicorn vet clinic, how will veterinary practices stand out from each other? This is exactly what we worry about as veterinary marketers and brand strategists. While the term “unicorn vet clinic” is intended to differentiate veterinary clinics from other clinics, it’s losing its meaning when everyone seems to use it. Instead of saying “unicorn”, it’s time to ask yourself what makes your practice (or you!) different from the “competition”?

We see the term “unicorn” used at least 5x a day across the veterinary internet. When it comes to showcasing a unique veterinary digital marketing strategy, you’re missing the mark by saying it.

How can you be more creative with your veterinary marketing ideas? It comes down to defining what differentiates you as a veterinary brand. This is a key step of the brand strategy work when we help you create a Veterinary Brand Formula in our courses, or directly through our agency.

Feeling a little stuck here? It’s ok – we spend a few hours on this with our agency clients and students sometimes! Let’s look at a super special veterinary business idea, Cody Creelman’s Fen Vet, to get some inspo.

Fen Vet is a new practice group in the Alberta, Canada area designed by Planimal Architects. You might know it’s YouTube famous owner, Dr. Cody Creelman.

Simply saying “this is a unicorn clinic” wouldn’t let pet owners know about the specific differences to expect at Fen Vet. Calling out the “no exam room” differentiator is a key play to start defining their unique veterinary business idea.

With so many cats afraid to come to the vet, seeing these carefully-crafted spaces is certainly a differentiator. Imagine being a stressed out cat owner and seeing this calm kitty enjoying itself? Definitely a different experience!

We’re definitely seeing a trend toward including pet owners in the treatment area experience. But for now? It’s definitely a differentiator.

When you see all the unique things about Fen Vet, you start to understand what a disservice it would be to call it a “unicorn clinic.” They have so many more specific things happening at their practice that make it special. Not only that, but “unicorn clinic” isn’t exactly a brandable term. Everyone is using it, so it can’t really be anyone’s motto.

So instead, The Snout Group created this specific phrase for Fen Vet. A lot better than “unicorn clinic”, right?

We wouldn’t have been able to figure out this messaging without first getting to know the Fen Vet brand through our Veterinary Brand Formula ™ process. If your messaging for your clinic or personal brand is feeling stale, we can walk you through the process. You can DIY or with some group coaching here at Snout School, or get more high-level support (including motto development) at The Snout Group.