Mission statements are one of those things that never “sat right” with me. Back when I was a practice manager, I remember meetings dedicated to crafting the perfect mission statement.

But did anyone ever look at them again after that meeting? Was it important to anyone besides the person that wrote it? It seemed like a thing we all did to mark it as done. (And then put it on our website like anyone was going to care to read it.)

As an “elder millennial” myself, I do appreciate the sentiment of having a mission behind your veterinary business. But I want that mission to really mean something on a deeper level that makes me feel connected to the brand.

I’m not alone: A 2020 study found 83% of millennials want brands to align with them on values.

I believe that your mission can no longer be just taking awesome care of animals. That’s expected – You’re a veterinary care provider! Your vet clinic needs to care about more in order for younger consumers – and employees – to get excited.

76% of millennials want CEOs to speak out on issues they care about. Gen Z shares this type of expectation. They specifically expect companies to have a stance on social justice issues.

So what matters to your veterinary business beyond providing great care? If you want to attract next gen clients and employees, it’s time to show you’re passionate about more than. It can’t be just “offering compassionate care to pets” or “treating your team like family” anymore!

To attract Gen Z and millennials into your veterinary practice, ditch the mission statement. Instead:

1) Define 4 core brand values that you can put into action

Your veterinary clinic’s core brand values can be anything from “being an ally” to “work-life balance.” Make sure that you’re ready to walk the walk on whichever values you choose. No one likes an inauthentic brand.

2) Share these values with your team

You can involve them in choosing the values, but be careful not to allow “too many cooks in the kitchen” to water down your vision. Core values work best when everyone is equally passionate about them. So this is a great chance to make sure everyone working at your practice is on the same page!

3) Brainstorm ways to bring your values to life

You know how I said you need to walk the walk? It’s time to put your core brand values into practice. How can you exemplify them in your community, online, and in your practice?

Need help choosing and communicating your values? It can get tricky, but I’ve got you covered.

You can DIY or with some group coaching here at Snout School, or get more high-level support (including motto development) at The Snout Group.