Connecting with your veterinary hospital’s local community is a critical step in marketing your practice.

Social media is one great way to build connections & stay in touch throughout the year, but – even as an internet nerd I’ll admit – REAL HUMAN INTERACTIONS MATTER!

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Connecting early and often with people in your community is key to obtaining and maintaining veterinary clients in the future.

Your animal hospital can develop bonds with a younger generation by:


  • Developing a job shadow program
  • Giving tours of your hospital
  • Hosting events for kids on different pet health topics


Be creative! These are just a few options, but I’ve even seen hospitals do fun things like “Teddy Bear Surgery” days for kids. Such a clever idea!

Sharing community events online

Many veterinary practices offer activities like these, but I don’t see them discussed online very often. This is a total missed opportunity.vetsetgoactivity2

If your animal hospital allows job shadows or has other programs for tweens/teens, it’s time to get it online with

This website, founded by Dr. Chris Carpenter of the Companion Animal Parasite Council, is a fantastic way for your practice to market locally by listing job shadow programs, tours or other bond-building activities.

Creating a activities listing

Adding your job shadow program, tour or other offering to the activities section is SUPER easy.

Here’s how it works:

1) Go to
2) Check your email, and confirm your new Vet Set Go account.
3) Go to your account page, and click the submit an activity button at
4) Enter the information about your job shadow program or other activity your practice has for kids 11-17 years of age, then submit!

Here’s a quick video tutorial, if you’d like a visual:

Once your free listing is up on, you’re good to go! Make sure you take photos and videos (with permission) when teens and tweens come your practice to shadow or tour. Sharing these on social will strengthen your community bonds even more!

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Disclaimer: Yes – I am a consultant for (I’ve always gotta be transparent with you guys!) However, I wrote this article pro-bono on a Saturday morning because I REALLY believe in what they’re doing for the veterinary community, and I think it’s critical for hospitals to get involved!