by Danielle K. Lambert, founder

This website started 7 years ago. I was a practice manager with a dream of teaching others how to market their veterinary clinic. 

At that time, online education was the wild west. I had to teach myself everything from coding to copywriting. Thanks to my persistence – and a ton of YouTube tutorials – I first launched our Veterinary Social Media Essentials course in 2014.  

That course changed my life. I launched it over and over again, helping hundreds of veterinary professionals learn more about marketing along the way. I left my management role at my family’s veterinary practice in 2014, deciding it was time to solely pursue online ventures.

It hasn’t always been easy to sell online courses and products for a living. Admittedly, working alone made it even harder. I’ve had to be self-motivated and driven. I’ve cried when I didn’t sell enough online courses to make rent, and I heard “no” more times than I can count.

I’ve learned a whole freaking lot along the way. I can say I am one of the veterinary industry’s online education pioneers. (I announce that confidently, even though saying it makes me feel ancient).

I am forever thankful to those who have supported my mission along the way. (Especially those who bought stuff from me when I clearly had no idea what the heck I was doing).

That support made it possible for Snout School to level up so much. Instead of me coding a website, we have the WhiskerCloud team rocking it. I’m no longer designing everything, as I’ve partnered with an amazing graphic designer.

Building an online education website has been an interesting journey. I’ve kept at it because I love teaching, sharing what I know with others, and seeing them succeed. The only way the veterinary industry can improve and adapt is if we share more of what works with each other. 

For a long time, I have wanted to expand the topics we cover at Snout School. Marketing is my passion, but I see the need for new voices to cover other topics in veterinary medicine. Not only that, but I want to pass the gift of online business onto other driven, entrepreneurial women in vet med.

It is with that intention that the #SnoutSquad mastermind was born. This is a group of 10 women in vet med who are experts in their niche, from dermatology to personal finance. They have special knowledge they want to pass onto you, and I have the know-how to make it happen online.

I chose these 10 women to be involved after quiety opening applications to my network in late 2019. From there, I interviewed almost 50 interested veterinary professionals. I was inspired and motivated by so many of their dreams and goals, but only offered spots to a select few women that encompassed all the qualities I was seeking. 

I should clarify for transparency: Being part of the mastermind isn’t free for these women. I’ve benefited so much from coaches and masterminds in my business, and I know how critial making that investment in yourself is to leveling up. I commend these 10 women for investing in themselves, and I’m beyond honored to be trusted as their guide in this process.

Our Snout School store is getting YET ANOTHER upgrade this month. With this upgrade, it is going to function like a cooperative storefront. The Snout School store will no longer be just a place for educational information from me, but from all 10 of these women.  We’ve already started this transition in the Snout School store. Cheyanne Flerx’s 12 vet clinic marketing planners are the first product to come from the #SnoutSquad mastermind.

Just 7 months ago, Cheyanne was a vet assistant. Now she is selling something that is helping other veterinary social media managers.  

That is the kind of growth and change I aspire to help more women in veterinary medicine experience. While there is nothing wrong with wanting a “typical” veterinary career, it is also understandable to want something different.

You’ve got so many options of who to learn from in our space, but the women in our #SnoutSquad mastermind are unique. They are willing to work together, support one another, and help each other as we all push ahead. 

I hope you will continue to follow us on this journey as we help each other to bring new voices and perspectives to veterinary education. (We might even have a podcast coming about just that for you soon).

By changing Snout School to help these 10 women, we hope to help you more than ever. 

Make sure you’re on our list at, and follow @Snout.School on Instagram to stay up-to-date. You won’t want to miss what these ladies have coming for you! .