Social media is a big part of veterinary digital marketing strategy, and Instagram is king right now. As a veterinary professional, I bet you love sharing cute puppy pics and funny memes you connect to. But do you sometimes struggle to come up with unique ideas for your veterinary Instagram? What about ideas that actually convert business?

If you’re wasting time brainstorming Instagram posts for your vet clinic or personal brand, it’s because you don’t have a brand!

A brand is like your personality. Without it, you’re a generic vet clinic or veterinarian with nothing to set you apart from the other accounts filling up IG feeds. But with a brand, you can define who you are, who you’re for, and how you offer our services.

That’s where the magic happens! There are endless veterinary digital marketing ideas, but they’re honestly BORING AF without a brand behind them. That’s why at Snout School, we teach you to create a Veterinary Brand Formula™ instead of just teaching you general marketing concepts.

Your Veterinary Brand Formula™ is like your little brand bible – it’s an evergreen plan that details what makes you unique, who you serve, and how you do it in a special way. From there, it guides you on exactly what to post to ensure you’re ANYTHING but boring.

So if you’re spending too much time on Instagram and getting little results, or you’re always out of ideas.. it’s time to develop brand. Here’s why:

1. Creating a Veterinary Brand Formula™ helps you speak to your ideal audience

Brand strategy helps you create unique and engaging Instagram content that speaks to your audience. If you’re trying to speak to EVERYONE, it lands with no one.

But with a defined brand, you know who your ideal client. (At The Snout Group, we literally create ideal client avatars for our VIP Strategy Day clients!) Perfect followers for your veterinary or consulting services are like… WAIT HOW DO YOU KNOW ME SO WELL!?

I know that if I saw this post from Vet Med Disruptors, Latah Creek Animal Hospital, I’d stop in my tracks. I love supporting women-led businesses, so this speaks to me more than a typical vanilla post would!


Because your content is designed for your ideal client, they love it. Ideal clients will see your Instagram posts, connect with them, and know, like, and trust you faster. Hello, new clients!

2. Creating a Veterinary Brand Formula™ helps you own your personality

No one wants a vanilla experience on Instagram. They’re looking for content that grabs their interest. When you define your brand, you establish your brand archetype and voice. This is like your brand personality!

Once you’re confident in your veterinary brand’s personality, you’re able to show what makes you different from other vet clinics out there. And trust me, that’s what gets results! All of the sudden, your veterinary digital marketing ideas aren’t blah. They’re standing out, and people will take notice.

This idea applies to consultants and b2b service providers in vet med, too. Look how Vet Med Disruptor, Christina Malloy, is being super clear on what she believes in this post:


This post has a distinct point of view, so it’s anything but boring!

3. Creating a Veterinary Brand Formula™ ensures you’re known for something

A lot of veterinary clinics and veterinary professionals make the mistake of trying to be EVERYTHING to EVERYONE. It’s tough because – duh- you have a lot of skills. That seems like a good thing, but it can actually be super confusing to Instagram followers.

But when you build a brand, you define a niche you serve. This allows you to focus on doing more of what you love – whether it’s orthopedic surgeries or inventory management consulting. Instead of having a digital marketing strategy that seems all over the place, you’ll be laser-focused. This helps you convert more business from your Instagram account.

This post from Vet Med Disruptor, VetBilling, hits clearly on what they want to be known for – providing payment options to people who don’t qualify for credit-based options. When you scroll through it, you get a very clear picture of what they are about instead of it feeling like another payment plan option.



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Ready to go from vet, clinic, or consultant to brand?

Creating a brand might seem like a daunting task, but it will help you save time in the end! It boils down to figuring out who you are and what you stand for. Like – we know we love animals, but what else? Do you we specialize in a certain type of care? Do you have a unique approach to treatment?

These are the questions we need to answer to create a full Veterinary Brand Formula that truly reflects you and your goals! When I work with VIP strategy clients at The Snout Group 1-on-1, I have a system of questions I ask to help them get brand clarity.

You can access that exact system, called your Veterinary Brand Formula™ in our Veterinary Marketing & Branding Lab course. It will help you define who you are, who you’re for, and the exact type of posts you need to create. (There’s even an awesome resource in Module 9 to help you brainstorm your perfect posts!)

Want extra support? You can join our group coaching program, Vet Med Disruptors, where we discuss this stuff on coaching calls!

Once you have your brand defined with a Veterinary Brand Formula™, creating unique and effective Instagram posts will way easier. You’ll have a clear direction and a unique tone of voice that your audience will recognize and love. And that means more engagement, more followers, and more results.