New veterinarians walk into a world of new challenges. Practicing medicine isn’t the only hurdle these so-called “baby vets” need to jump.

“One of the most difficult things I experienced about the transition from student to doctor is handling my finances,” notes Dr. Kristi Crow on her Instagram.
With less than a year since graduation under her belt, Dr. Crow says making money still feels “surreal.”

“That perk also comes with loads of new bills and other things to worry about that my mind never really had to process before,” she admits.

With the AVMA reporting average student loan debt at $183,302, there’s no doubt that new veterinarians need to rock some serious financial prowess.

“If you’re not very organized, everything gets even more hectic and stressful, ” explains Dr. Crow. (She confesses she’s not the most organized on her IG post. Who can relate?!)

“It wasn’t until @richerlifedvm came out with a financial adulting guide that I started to feel hopeful about getting my shit together,” the #vetstagram superstar says.

This guide literally breaks down all the components of your finances in an organized and fun way. It helped me understand my financial responsibilities, as embarrassed as I am to say that.”

The embarrassment surrounding finances that @DogtorKristi describes isn’t rare. 44% of Americans would rather talk about death than money. (We bet that number is higher for our friends that work in veterinary hospice!)

Instead of avoiding your finances, start by getting organized with Richer Life DVM’s Guide to Financial Adulting. It’s tailored to veterinary professionals. You’ll examine your finances like you’re examining a pet!

Dr. Grace Kim created this guide as a member of our Snout Squad. But we’re not the only ones singing its praises!

“If you’re someone like me, 11/10 recommend investing in this little guide to help you with this new transition & get you on track,” @DogtorKristi encourages her Instagram followers. “Trust me, you don’t have to do it on your own. Let a expert like Dr. Grace Kim (of help you out!”