“I can’t be ‘Danielle Lambert Consulting. That vibe isn’t me,” I told my mom, mimicking that folded arm power pose those types do in their LinkedIn headshot.

It was 2013, I was 26, and I was trying to name what was – at the time – a veterinary marketing consulting business.

Like so many of us, I asked my mom for help. As a young woman, she was often my go-to resource for “adulting” assistance. She taught me to drive stick, she attempted to teach me to ski, and now I figured she could name my business.

“Well it’s gotta be a pet word,” she said. Then she burst out laughing, and we’re talking uncontrollable laughter.

“Snout. Snout just makes me laugh.”

And that’s how she helped me name Snout School.

People ask me the name meaning of Snout School pretty frequently, but it’s truly that simple. I asked my mom for help, and my mom thinks “Snout” is a hilarious-sounding word.

Asking her for help that day should’ve taught me a lesson about utilizing others as resource.

Instead, I often tried to do it all myself as an entrepreneur, and I failed a lot. (See: My email response time, bookkeeping, and anything detail-oriented that isn’t picking out fun colors for a new veterinary brand).

Throughout this journey, I’ve met so many capable and inspiring women. They all have different, unique talents. Some, like me, are within the veterinary industry, and some are outside of it.

No matter where you work, there’s traditionally been this fear of sharing, of truly supporting one another.

But the more women I meet, all with rare, interesting areas of expertise, the more I see ways they could support and guide each other.

This was especially poignant on one of our #SnoutSquad mastermind Zoom calls. The women on the call were so uniquely qualified to assist each other in different categories. I was there facilitating as their coach, but they were supporting each other.

Instead of reinventing the wheel as we all built our personal brands in veterinary medicine, I realized we could lean into assisting each other.

I asked myself a question, “What if she helped her?”

That simple question inspired me – along with a lot of help from the women in the #SnoutSquad – to launch a new podcast.

No surprise – it’s called What If She Helped Her?

This podcast will be focusing on women in vet med – and beyond – helping each other learn new things. We’ll work to navigate all the things it takes to succeed in your veterinary career, from self-care and parenting to marketing yourself and finding your dream job.

The #SnoutSquad will be in tons of episodes, as these ladies are so talented in so many areas. Plus, they’re currently working hard on everything it takes to build a brand and launch a product!

We’ll be launching a contest on the Snout School Instagram and Facebook accounts to celebrate this new podcast on April 22.

In the meantime, take a listen wherever you get your podcasts! I’ll link a few key options below: